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Meet The Owner, Amber Flowers

There is something deeply alluring about the feel of the sun on my skin, the wind in my hair and the freedom to explore. Throughout my existence, I have had a passion for all things nature. Having been born and raised in southern Kentucky, I frequently explore Mammoth Cave National Park for the rugged beauty contained safely within. With every adventure, so much of nature inspires me, from the smallest spider to the largest tree, yet something about lightning and storms fascinates me deep within my soul. Lightning thrills me like 4th of July. Ironically, I greatly feared severe weather as a child, but with age discovered I could utilize knowledge to calm my inner storm. I now volunteer as a trained SKYWARN spotter. In 2017, Soul Gaze Photography, LLC was accepted as a Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador™. This also means that I work in any weather or season. Rugged or urban, we'll have an adventure!

I reside in Nobob, 11mi SE of Glasgow, Kentucky with my Husband, two children and pets (mostly cats). Meow!

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About Soul Gaze Photography, LLC

Like many, I was gifted a camera as a child and the permanence of a frozen reality intrigued me from a young age. I often explored antique stores with my Grandmother and soon discovered the beauty of cabinet cards and tintypes. Though we may never know who some of these people were, their images still tell a story centuries later. As a photographic artist, I feel a responsibility to provide high quality creative imagery from capture to display. As a 'professional' photographer, my mission is to encourage a return to what is becoming a lost art: the need to print and display the tangible.

Although I greatly enjoy the quick simplicity of iPhoneography, the increased availability of mobile devices has quickly resulted in clients preferring digital files with a print release. Many of these clients never print their images and they soon become digital shadows, lost and forgotten. What will happen to their images when technology changes the ability to view content such as with the floppy disk? Printing images is the best way to ensure their protection and enjoy them during our short lives. Of course, natural disasters happen, so I always provide online archival to clients at no extra cost and digitals can still be purchased if so desired.

Soul Gaze Photography, LLC is more than my hobby. It is a legal* business and my career (other than being a wife and mother). Being self-taught, I find it limits my creative flow to restrict myself to one genre, so I enjoy the flexibility of photographing a wide variety of subjects. The creative challenge inspires me to continually strive towards visual perfection. I am often far too hard on myself and like most artists, I strive to balance the need to create what satisfies my soul with what will interest the viewer. I value collaborating with my clients rather than taking full control. By working together, we can create something magical.