My blog exists as a way to share a glimpse into my life - a personal, deep gaze into my soul. You will find creative musings, inspirational words, personal opinion and my adventures as a photographer exploring Kentucky and beyond. I travel meeting new people in search of humanity. I explore nature in search of myself. [click here for my main non-blog bio ^]

The rest of my blog features updates and news on the photographic art of Soul Gaze Photography. Reviews of brands and products (some new and some well established) and are either compliments of various brands and review websites, discounted, paid or purchased at my expense and always include a disclaimer to clarify. If you're a company who'd be interested in professional photographs and an honest review on my blog with cross-posting via social media, please contact me > or go HERE ^ to learn more.

I spend my days working from my home office editing photos, blogging, reviewing products and the rest of my days taking care of my home, children and menagerie of pets. For fun, I adore endlessly exploring nature. I regularly hike deep into some forgotten forest such as the lesser traveled backcountry trails of Mammoth Cave National Park or swim freely under the stars in the aqua waters of Dale Hollow Lake. I don't really have a social life and though I long for a best friend, the solitude provides no alternative but to focus on my work and family. I live simply, with a tight budget and a husband who works 6-7 day weeks to provide.

During my life, I've endured physical and emotional abuse in my youth (and into my adult years), my grandmothers unexpected demise via uterine cancer, suddenly being on my own, allowed my pain and fear to ruin a 6-year relationship forever haunting me, a failed first marriage and my daughter's kidnapping, severe depression worsened by an anxiety disorder and physical ailments from a traumatizing and violating forced cesarean with my second child and the judgement and assumptions of others due to this tragic past and my strange eccentric nature forged by lack of trust after. I also face the uncertainties and challenge of raising two children with delays (one with persistent behavior issues and sensory integration disorder, the other with food texture sensitivities) and the journey for an official diagnosis along with a desire to live an organic, natural lifestyle which is often questioned and resulting in fighting to justify far more often than logical.

These events, despite their years apart, shattered my illusions of trust towards society. I've grown stronger from them and use this blog to release some of the anxiety and darkness within. A way to keep my sanity in check and to hopefully help others as I work to let go of the past. It is my hope, that I too, will better discover myself in the process.