Sensual and soft or strong and rugged, the art of capturing the physicality of souls. 

Sparkle & Shine - You are Beautiful. Let's capture your sensual side...

Private, intimate sessions full of soul. Connect with yourself or the one you love. Images are always tasteful with emphasis on artistically capturing the emotions, goosebumps, smiles and tears. Session info is the same as portraits, but professional hair and makeup is recommended. Need something custom? Contact me

Who typically chooses boudoir? 

Couples enjoy gifting such images to those they love, commonly as a wedding, anniversary or Valentine's present. These images empower greater confidence by capturing the beauty they weren't aware they had.For couples, these images allow them to strengthen their bond, feel more 'sexy' together and to have an intimate representation of their love for fond memories in the years where their bodies are far less attractive. There will be no pornographic images or activities, however if the drawing of Rose in 'Titanic' offends you, then boudoir probably isn't for you. Nudity is optional. Your privacy and discretion is respected at all times. Images will not be shared or displayed without your signed consent. I offer a reduced rate to brave souls willing to allow me to update my online (public) portfolio with select images from the session. 

Are there any requirements?

You MUST be 18 or older, No exceptions. I CHECK ID AND REQUIRE SIGNED CONSENT. Even if parents would consent, nudes under 18 are not legal. Sorry! You are welcome to bring a trusted, discreet friend. They can choose to join for additional fee. I will not photograph men alone without my trusted male assistant for my safety and to protect my reputation, as I am married. I do not discriminate, so will photograph female, male or transgender souls of all ages and sizes alone or together. No kinky behavior allowed. We capture emotions, passion and desire...not the act of pleasure. 


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