Do you feel overwhelmed due to the endless confusion of trying to start a website or update the one you already have? Maybe you have an outdated website in need of a redesign and are too busy to deal with it. Was your blog or social media last updated weeks or months ago? Worse, despite offering something amazing, all you hear are crickets instead of inbox dings or phone rings. Not good! Let me do the work for you to design a website you will be proud to share.

I am here to provide a solution! Custom websites with an easy to use, drag-and-drop interface and no need for plug-ins, or learning anything technical (such as CSS or HTML) unless you want to. You can of course hire me to maintain. You'll have my friendly service and support during the design process and beyond, for as long as you need.

I promise to never abandon you with your website unfinished. I know it’s scary to hire someone for something of such importance. We will work together to ensure your website will help you achieve your goals. I believe in open, honest communication and collaboration.
— Amber Flowers

Although I am experienced with a variety of platforms, I specialize in custom websites built and hosted on Squarespace and/or SmugMug. Though you could always do it yourself to save money, how much time will you lose that could be focused on your clients or yourself? Let me do the work for you!

All Custom Website projects are:

  • Responsive and cross-browser tested to look good on mobile devices, laptops and desktop computers.
  • Professionally written, with emphasis on enhancing SEO to ensure your website is easily discoverable.
  • Designed and viewable worldwide in under 30 days* with full support or self-maintenance tutoring. 
  • Modern and minimal, yet creatively represents your voice to make a memorable first impression.
  • Easy and fast to update as needed with affordable and transparent pricing that you can budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a website?

A website is essentially an online business card. It represents you in the most interactive way possible, with the ability to reach potential clients all over the world. Intuitive, professional and creative websites showcase your unique individuality and brand. It’s definately worth the effort and cost to ensure your online presence stands out.


Below pricing can not account for variables such as custom fonts, graphics, photography, stock images or additional storage which are the responsibility of the client and not included. However, I am proud to be able to provide both photography and website services, so ask about my dual project discount.

Step One: Domain Name Your domain name is your address on the internet. Be sure it's memorable.

  • $12yr (more for 'premium' domains) or use one you already own.

Step Two: Website Platform: *Choose your website host and plan. Both have amazing customer service and minimal downtime. You may need a file storage option such as Google Drive.

Which host is right for me? {+}

My website is hosted on Squarespace and my galleries are on SmugMug so you can see both sites in action. Design, templates and other factors such as aesthetics will vary in uniqueness per client and project.
Squarespace: Great for all types of businesses. Unlimited pages with an integrated blog and ecommerce store. The catch? Designed for portfolio galleries, not photo storage or client proofing.
EXAMPLE: (you're already here!)

SmugMug: Primarily for photographers and artists who wish to feature their work online, sell photos and photo products and have unlimited storage and backup of images. The catch? No integrated blog.

Step Three: Project Fee Pricing includes new site setup and migration from another platform (such as Wordpress) and unlimited pages.

  • Custom You may also request a quote for a project at my hourly rate.

Step Four: Ongoing Maintenance
Fees vary according to your needs. I can do simple tweaks as needed or full updates such as posting your blog posts for you.


You can use one you already pay for provided you have access to the admin panel or dashboard to change settings. I am happy to assist you, however you or your provider must make any needed changes. If you need a domain, most are $12yr through Google Domains (who I trust with my domains). You will be able to use the domain elsewhere if you ever leave Squarespace/Smugmug. Squarespace also offers domains, but the interface is more difficult to manage.


This requires more extensive account modifications. You will need to reach out to your domain provider and host. An example would be a Wordpress site with a GoDaddy domain and server/host through HostGator. Your email is another consideration. I recommend you first reach out to your providers for instructions prior to hiring a designer. You will not need HostGator if you build a site on Squarespace or SmugMug as they provide the hosting for you. All you will need is a domain name with the ability to modify DNS records.


Making changes anytime is fast and easy! Your website utilizes a drag and drop content interface and customization dashboard. Update content or change colors in mintues. I tutor clients who wish to self-maintain and can be hired for maintenance as often as-needed. If your budget doesn't allow regular maintenance, you'll be able to do so with only a minimal learning curve. You'll not have to mess with code unless you want to. I promise never to abandon you!

Need To Know {+}

  • Completion time is dependent upon client providing input and files in a timely manner.
  • Design is dependant upon each client's unique needs and aesthetic which can range from minimal and light to vibrantly artistic or dark and moody.
  • You may experiance limited, sporadic downtime for the first 72hrs after changing domain providers. This is outside of my control. The internet is a big place, record updates require time to 'sync'.
  • SEO (Site Engine Optimization) will be temporarily affected due to changing your site. I take the time to redirect as many former links as possible to new content (if relevant) to reduce the frequency of 404 errors. After your site is live, I monitor analytics and use the data to adjust layout and content according to the natural way visitors access the site for optimum SEO and user-friendly browsing.