Estimate Questionare - Web Design

Please complete this questionnaire for only one project at a time and with as much detail as possible for the most accurate quote.  Thank you!

I'm always excited to start immediately however, start date may be delayed by active projects.
The more often we communicate the faster completion. Consider your personal and business obligations prior to answering.
First and last name, email and phone number of the owner, boss and head honcho of project.
If primary client will not be responsible for communication and payment during the project, please list contact details and title of representative.
Web Design
Also, if you don't have social media or want me to help with social media, let me know here.
If you have a blog and want content migrated, also list who hosts your blog. Such as Blogger or Wordpress.
Consider domain name, website host and design services and travel.
Only complete this section if you will be requiring photography. If not, enter 'no' in boxes.
Consider the volume of images, time required for providing photographic services, editing and travel.
Final Questions
For example: "I prefer websites with full-width header images, minimal text, focusing on image or product rather than content or layout." "Minimal and simple is better than colorful or dated." "I want professional and clean, not fun or clever." "I love art and creativity, bold and eccentric is my jam." "I don't care, just get me online!"
Is project remote (online, Skype, email or phone) or will I be required to meet or work in-person. If traveling, where and how often.