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Frequently Asked Questions


"Can I just get a print release? I don't want to purchase prints/products..."

Yes! However, I can not guarantee the quality of prints not printed via my calibrated professional labs. You are always welcome to return to me for professional printing at any time. I retain the copyright, so you print release will only be valid for personal printing or display. Permission is required for all other usage in order to protect my reputation and for your safety. Files are delivered either online via a private archived gallery or you may purchase a customized USB flash drive containing your files. The fee for a print release and digital files exists due to lost revenue on tangible prints and products.

Why I sell rather than include a Print Release

Over the years, the inquiries for a print release have more than doubled while inquiries for prints has decreased resulting in higher session fees for custom photography. As a Photographic Artist, it is truly scary the amount of people who think they are saving money by printing at a retail lab or buying a custom USB so they have all the images from a session. Unlike professional labs, retail labs lack the quality of being calibrated to the photographer's computer and are often over-saturated, soft and unworthy of representing the photographer's business and photographic talent or your financial investment.

A print release may be popular, but why pay for a professional photographer only to print at a low-quality retail lab? I've searched for years for the highest quality, Eco-friendly, fine art quality tangible prints and product options available. I know you'll be as impressed as I am. Orders have no minimum order requirement and I have them priced as affordable as possible. I spend hours, days, weeks and sometimes months editing. I'd rather make my profit from session fees so that I can see my work on your wall where it was intended, rather than forgotten in a drawer or collecting digital dust in my archives. I want you and your descendants to enjoy the beauty we've created for future generations, without the possibility of technology failing and leaving you with nothing but memories...

NOTICE: Please be aware that all images viewed online may be different on your computer or mobile device than seen on my computer due to differences in monitor calibration. I recommend images be viewed in-person via my computer. If you have access to an Apple computer or mobile device, the difference is negligible.