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Frequently Asked Questions


"You're a stranger, how do I know you'll not take my money and run?"

I totally understand the concern of paying a stranger in advance of a service without a guarantee that the service provider will keep their word and be there. This is why I use contracts when accepting retainers to book a service. This way, clients can feel more secure and I can also no longer worry about traveling and providing a service without payment. I also am more than happy to meet local clients in-person (no-charge), travel to you (expenses paid), speak over the phone/video call as needed. The primary flaw I have is not being the fastest editor. I'm working to improve my editing speed, but until I am able to afford the needed upgrade (see my wishlist), I'm stuck with a fairly slow laptop. Image quality is not affected, just delivery speed. If you have a deadline, please let me know prior to hiring me for services, to ensure I'll be able to meet that deadline without disappointment. 

LAST UPDATED: February 2nd, 2017 AT 8:40AM CST.

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