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Frequently Asked Questions


How do you handle breaks and do I need to provide a meal?

Unless the weather is extreme, I carry water on me and so usually do not take a break except to rush to a toilet. Even then, I do not linger. I greatly worry any momentary absence will result in a missed photographic opportunity. When I do require a break, I always inform my clients before disappearing as I don't want them worrying I may have left early. 

As for meals, I am human and so greatly appreciate being fed during your event while everyone else is eating and would prefer to not be photographed. Being active on my feet for hours is tiring and skipping meals can be quite unhealthy. For the best creativity and motivation, it's vital that I take care of myself. If your meals are catered and expensive, I don't mind to pack my own lunch, just let me know which you prefer. This mealtime is my only break during your event, so please allow me this minimal time to recharge. I eat quickly and return to work typically after only a 30 minute break. Any guest interaction is minimal, respectful and positive to encourage guests to continue to enjoy their time at your event.  

I do not have any food allergies. I do have a sensitive stomach, so I avoid fried and greasy food. I typically opt for veggies and fish or chicken over beef and limit salt and sugar in my personal life. However, I'm not picky and will be grateful for your hospitality. Thank you.