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Do you tutor other photographers?
Yes. Locally or online via video chat. 

Will you 2nd Shoot with a wedding photographer?
If the wedding is a good addition to my portfolio. I will not 2nd weddings where I am unable to use the images (with credit to you as primary). This is because of the wear and tear on my equipment and health, time invested and loss of income compared to being primary. 

Can my digital camera take infrared photos?
Depends on the camera. I can help you find out. 

Why don't you have better lighting?
Budget issues. Seriously, please help me. I'm saving up for Profoto and need $1000-$5000.
Natural light is beautiful, but limiting indoors and when the sun's direction isn't ideal for the location.

Can I hire you to help me with my website?
Yes! I provide both customizations and full websites. 

How can I support your career and growth?
Many ways. Hire me. Buy Fine Art. Be a Patreon. Purchase from my Wishlist. Buy me Coffee!! 

More Questions? Contact Me >


More Questions? Contact Me >


Do you have a disclaimer and disclosure policy?
Of course:

Will you test, review or buy my product?
If you're interested in a collab, please contact me.
I'll send photos and I post on my blog and social media. 

More Questions? Contact Me >