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Online Account FAQ


I am an Eco-friendly business and so am making as many changes as possible to reduce my environmental impact. Client accounts are provided at no cost to you. Save the environment and time by utilizing online documents. Gone are the days of printing and mailing documents back and forth. Now, enjoy the simplicity of a secure online account for fast, easy access to important documents.


That is up to you! I still backup your images as I've always done. If you prefer to have your own account, I can help you setup a personal account (around $40yr) with my storage provider SmugMug with my 20% discount. They provide unlimited storage of photos and video regardless of your account level. This means, you can backup all your images and finally clear space on your hard drive and mobile phone. Hopefully you never experience a natural disaster, but if you do, online archiving is a great way to ensure your important memories are safe. However, please be aware that copyright and image useage as stated in our contract still applies.

I am honored when you like my work enough to use/share on social media. It inspires me to keep creating. You are encouraged to use and share your images, but please remember to credit Soul Gaze Photography, LLC and not to alter images in any way other than crop only if required by a social media uploader. Your cooperation protects the integrity of my work when seen by non-clients. Thank you for your support!


  • Full Service: Let me do the work for you. Contact me to schedule in-person viewing and ordering or to see samples from my collection of luxurious, fine art quality tangible options not purchasable online.
  • Self-Service: Download images as needed or place an order directly from your gallery via a professional lab of higher quality than retail labs. 30-Day Guarantee | View Catalog Full tangible option details are coming soon!

Equipment FAQ

What equipment do you use? {+}

View full equipment list here >

Do you tutor other photographers? {+}

Yes. Locally or online via video chat.

Will you 2nd Shoot with a wedding photographer? {+}

If the wedding is a good addition to my portfolio. I will not 2nd weddings where I am unable to use the images (with credit to you as primary). This is because of the wear and tear on my equipment and health, time invested and loss of income compared to being primary.

Can my digital camera take infrared photos? {+}

Depends on the camera. I can help you find out.

Why don't you have fancy lighting? {+}

I love the beauty of natural light and use reflectors and my 580EXII for shadow fill and low-light events when needed. I'm saving up for Profoto and need $1000-$5000.Natural light is beautiful, but limiting indoors and when the sun's direction isn't ideal for the location.

Why can't I have the RAW files? {+}

Releasing RAW files is like an artist giving away the canvas before the painting is created. Many of us create our unique style from the RAW images...and also hide alot of blemishes, objects and such that we wouldn't want the client to see or to share with others who could think the RAW files are our work quality.

About FAQ

What are your hours and how can I Contact you? {+}

Full details:

Why do you prefer not to do phone calls? {+}

I am able to provide the best service by communicating in-person, by video chat or written words I can refer to. I prefer to see the face of the person I'm speaking with in order to reduce misunderstandings. Also, I live in a rural area and poor signal issues result in frustration and much of the conversation cutting out to where important details are lost. If you don't hear from me within a reasonable amount of time (usually same day) then reach out via social media. Clients with active projects can text me.

Are you an Eco-friendly or Green Business? {+}

Yes and proudly! Learn more:

Do you have an anti-discrimination policy? Will you work with me? {+}

Yes and proudly! Read my full policy:

Where are you from? {+}

I was born and raised in South Central Kentucky. I've resided in Merry Oaks, Glasgow and Nobob in Barren County, and Elizabethtown in Hardin County.

Will You Travel? {+}

I love to travel and experience new adventures, so am available worldwide. Contact me to discuss details and travel fee. If your location is on my bucket list, I will gladly discount my usual rate in exchange for travel expenses. I do have two small children, so please reach out as soon as possible so I can make arrangements for while I'm away.

Can I hire you to help me with my website? {+}

Usually yes, but the level of support I can provide is dependant on the platform. I specialize in providing both customizations and full websites on Squarespace or Smugmug.

How can I support your career and growth? {+}

Many ways. Hire me. Buy Fine Art. Be a Patron. Purchase from my Wishlist. Buy me Coffee!!

Where are some of your favorite places? {+}

I've been asked this so many times! Try these first and then explore beyond.


  • Mammoth Cave National Park
  • Cumberland, Eagle and Yahoo Falls
  • Temple Hill's Saltpetre Cave (privately owned)
  • Dale Hollow and Barren River Lake
  • Dry Fork Nature Preserve
  • Powdermills Waterfall (privately owned)


  • Burgess Falls
  • Red Boiling Springs (cool covered bridges!)
  • Cordel Hull Lake

What do you do for fun? {+}

I'm a small business owner, but also a wife and mother, so I'm always working on something. When not creating, you'll find me enjoying outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, watching lightning streak across a dark sky, chasing rainbows, gardening and collecting rocks, fossils, geodes and houseplants. When not outdoors, I enjoy singing, exploring local antique stores for eccentric treasures and watching Bollywood movies. I most love swimming freely under the stars at Dale Hollow Lake while a warm fire glows along the water's edge. The silence broken only by the crackle of the fire.

What are some of your favorites? {+}

  • I consume far too much coffee, peppermint tea and dark chocolate, but otherwise prefer to eat vegan, organic and as natural as possible.
  • My favorite color is purple and I love glitter. I prefer silver over gold, though oddly I like copper.
  • I deeply enjoy most genres of music...except country. Oh and that sound you hear, it's just me singing my heart out.
  • Halloween is my favorite holiday and my spirit animal is a bat. Though I also love peacocks and jumping spiders. I also love cats and have been called a 'crazy cat lady' way too many times.

What about your personality? {+}

I talk too much, love too deeply, trust too strongly. I try hard to hide anxiety and depression, so would rather talk via email instead of over the phone and I tend to spend more time with trees than people. I prefer to avoid the drama of religion and politics, but I'm not afraid to speak my mind. If you've made it this far, we should be friends. :)

Wedding FAQ


I prefer full coverage. I feel so bad leaving when the time is up. Many times I've been asked why rehearsal is important. By being there, I'm able to know what to expect in regards to the order of events and most importantly can be better prepared for difficult lighting situations or venue limitations.


This is a common problem and another great reason for full coverage. Extra time requested during the event is $250hr. I will invoice you once I return home, so I require the client's signature to confirm the request to stay and to agree to pay the invoice for time requested.


Travel?? No fee if within Barren County, Kentucky. Locations beyond may require travel and accommodations.


The amount of images is dependant upon the length of coverage and lighting allowed at the venue. I focus on quality not quantity, but you'll still have more images than needed. Images are fully edited and delivered in an online gallery with print release. Images are safely archived so you can order anytime from my selection of fine art prints, canvas, heirloom albums and more.


You can authorize family/friends to view and order rather than to have to purchase for them. This saves you time and money!


I highly encourage you to meet with me in-person or by video chat to discuss your wedding plans and photography goals. There is no charge to meet with me. Once we're sure we'll be the best of friends, I'll send you a form to fill out to setup your Online Account. From there, sign your contract and pay your retainer on the invoice and it's official!

Blog FAQ

Do you have a disclaimer and disclosure policy? {+}

Of course:

Will you test, review or buy my product? {+}

If you're interested in a collab, please contact me. I'll send photos and I post on my blog and social media.

Do you make money from your blog? {+}

Sometimes. Either in the form of affiliate links or brand ambassador collabs. This is better detailed here: