I work from my home office by appointment. Hours may vary.

Starting August 14th 2017: M-F 8am-3pm CST.
I work around Barren County Schools calendar

Why don't you have set hours?? Once all work is caught up, I take time off to be with my family and enjoy life. I have chosen to not have set hours as I prefer to limit the number of clients I work with at a time. This ensures I'm able to provide better service as I do not have employees to assist me. I'm a one-woman army! :) Also, where I work on-location, my hours are well beyond 'normal business hours' or common 'office hours'. I also do much of my website design and editing work late at night 'after hours' when my family is asleep and the house is finally quiet. 

Why don't you do phone calls or consultations? I have found I am able to provide the best service by communicating in-person or by video chat. I prefer to see the face of the person I'm speaking with in order to reduce misunderstandings and to get to know my clients better. Also, I live in a rural area and many times, clients have called with poor signal issues resulting in frustration and much of the conversation cutting out to where important details are lost. For both our sanity, email is best. IF you don't hear from me within a reasonable amount of time (usually a day or so) then reach out via social media. Active clients can always text me.