"Do you have an anti-discrimination policy?"

Love For All Policy:

Amber Flowers does not discriminate for any reason. Regardless of religion, skin, income or relationship - we all bleed the same blood and love who we love.

I am proud to have an anti-discrimination policy, for I believe in equality for all.  This means that it's not my place to judge anyone for how they choose to live, love, worship (or not), where/how they were born or any other reason. It doesn't matter to me who you voted for, whether you're a man or woman, love a man or woman, in church every Sunday or never been at all, have no money or are rich beyond even the wildest of dreams. In the end, we are ALL still human. We bleed the same. X-ray the same. Are born and die the same. Being judged sucks, so I refuse to do the same to others. I embrace the unique variety of individuality in my clients just as I respect the same in all of humanity. I believe in a world that will one day be tolerant of all. A world where your hair color, skin tone, tattoos and any other form of individuality will no longer be the determination for success or worth. One day, character and morality will override vanity and society's judgements. One day, we will all be free.

Though a client is deserving of the right to freedom of speech and individual opinion, if a client is purposefully harmful towards another, I reserve the right to terminate services without refund (though I will provide a one-time courtesy warning) so as to not be associated with such negativity which could reflect poorly upon the reputation of myself, my business and therefore my family which my business helps to support. I will not refuse service based upon different beliefs, but I will not tolerate discrimination towards myself or by my clients. Please be respectful of others at all times.


LAST UPDATED: August 24TH, 2017 at 8:26Pm CST. 

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