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A Gaze Into My soul is a blog by Amber Flowers. Discover a menagerie of opinionated personal posts, sarcasm & poetic musings. Follow me as I explore rugged & urban terrain across Kentucky and beyond. Keep in touch with Soul Gaze Photography, LLC via photography, projects and other content related to my business. Discover reviews of products of all types and sizes. 

A Gaze Into My Soul

You've discovered a menagerie of opinionated personal posts with carefully veiled sarcasm, poetic musings and reviews of products of all types and sizes. Mingled among the personal posts are photos documenting my adventures exploring rugged and urban terrain across Kentucky and Beyond. Of course, this blog wouldn't be complete without news, work and project updates regarding Soul Gaze Photography, LLC.


Survival Spark - Paracord Survival Bracelet

This was the first paracord bracelet I'd ever purchased. I am a photographer who greatly enjoys hiking rugged locations. Paracord bracelets are an ideal necessity for safety due to the compact way to transport rope in case of am emergency. There are many versions online, but this version was interesting to me where it included a compass, fire starter and small blade. I found that this particular model was too stiff and large for my wrists, but fit my husband perfectly. He's a fairly stocky fellow too. He found that it was a bit confusing to apply to his wrist due to the firestarter being the clasp, but once he got the hang of it, the paracord bracelet stayed without falling off even while driving and hiking. The compass works after a decent flick to it but we both find that the bracelet looks a bit too much like a watch with either too large a band or too small a face upon first glance. The compass can be removed with a click snip, but we chose to leave it for survival purposes. The magnesium fire starter rod was a great idea to include and it does work, however NOT with the included metal eye blade. It did work with a metal knife and the fire starter blade from SurvivalSPARK Emergency Magnesium Fire Starter which I already owned and reviewed. Other than the included blade not sparking the magnesium rod, this was a nice quality paracord bracelet which my husband has effectively stolen. That's a good sign for the quality and usefulness of the bracelet. Considering the low cost, they make great additions to survival, first aid or gift gear.

I was provided a code to substantially discount/pay for my purchase in exchange for an honest review and social media tasks.

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