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A Gaze Into My Soul

A Gaze Into My soul is a blog by Amber Flowers. Discover a menagerie of opinionated personal posts, sarcasm & poetic musings. Follow me as I explore rugged & urban terrain across Kentucky and beyond. Keep in touch with Soul Gaze Photography, LLC via photography, projects and other content related to my business. Discover reviews of products of all types and sizes. 

A Gaze Into My Soul

You've discovered a menagerie of opinionated personal posts with carefully veiled sarcasm, poetic musings and reviews of products of all types and sizes. Mingled among the personal posts are photos documenting my adventures exploring rugged and urban terrain across Kentucky and Beyond. Of course, this blog wouldn't be complete without news, work and project updates regarding Soul Gaze Photography, LLC.


Every Second Matters

We die each day upon waking. Breathing is the feeling of time passing. There is a truth in the logic of our demise. Despite the past, the present or the future there is only one reality. The end. To exist among the stars, the dreams, the shimmering light of a night sky is to be free like the birds in an endless sky. Yet we often seek comfort in the false adoration of society which is as changeable as the weather or one's social/relationship/financial status. To be free is to be who we were born to be. Fate. Destiny. The true determination of our individuality is in fact to be individual. Be the freak, not the meek. Never conforming to the normality so frequently encouraged by those who refuse to be themselves out of fear or lack of creativity. Explore new things. Try new things. Get up and get out. Breath. For any second could be the last breath. Every second matters.

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