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Meet Amber



Meet Amber Flowers

Eco-friendly photographic artist inspired by kindred spirits with an adventurous soul.
Known for environmental portraits taken at secret places in rugged or urban locations.

I am a perpetual zombie fueled by Starbucks.

Yet, there is something alluring about the feel of the sun on my skin, the wind in my hair and the freedom to explore. Throughout my existance, I have resided in urban and rural locations, but grew up with a passion for nature and adventures. Even now, I am most happy lost in a rugged forest, regardless of the season.

Born and raised in southern Kentucky, I frequently explore Mammoth Cave National Park. I also enjoy the variety of weather Kentucky provides as it often flips between winter and summer in the same week! I greatly feared severe weather as a child, but with age discovered there is strength in knowledge as a trained SKYWARN spotter. In 2017, Soul Gaze Photography, LLC was accepted as a Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador™.


Receiving my first camera as a child, the permanence of photography intrigued me at a young age. Much of my childhood, I was exploring antique stores with my Grandmother. As a result, I discovered the beauty of tangible imagery through cabinet cards. The ability to capture an image and develop it into something beautiful for future generations still amazes me. As my skills and experience increase, I feel a responsibility to provide high quality creative imagery, which results in often being far too hard on myself. Yet, like most artists, I strive to create what satisfies my soul and will interest the viewer. I am self-taught and find it limits my creative flow to restrict myself to one genre. Photographing a wide variety of subjects is a creative challenge that inspires me to continually strive towards visual perfection. 

I find cognitive freedom lingering at a waterfall or swimming freely under the stars. I dance in the rain, catch snowflakes with an open mouth and sing aloud in public places. I am a dreamer, existing in a world devoid of black and white, yet with a soul full of glitter and enchantment. A world where to be unique is to be a constellation, shining bright like stars, among an empty, dark sky. A blanket of darkness threaded with stars enrobes my mind with moonlit skies.
— Amber Flowers

Owner/Photographer of Soul Gaze Photography, LLC, but also:

  • SKYWARN Storm Spotter for NWS Louisville: observing and reporting weather conditions to assist with the protection of lives and property. 
  • Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador™: to assist NOAA with ensuring citizens are better informed how to respond to weather hazards. 
  • CoCoRaHS: to contribute weather data such as rain and snow measurements for scientific purposes.
  • Nature's Notebook: to contribute phenology observation data for scientific purposes.
  • JoySession Photographer: donating photographic services to memorialize terminally ill pets.
  • Blogger: sharing my journal and adventures and updates on my photography.
  • An Influencer: testing, reviewing and promoting products/services honestly.
  • Jewelry In Candles representative as of November 2013. Candles/tarts + jewelry.

I reside in Nobob, 11mi SE of Glasgow, Kentucky with my Husband, two children and pets (mostly cats). Meow!