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Meet The Owner

Learn more about the soul behind the business and how it all began...


"In everything I do, I strive to see things differently.
To find the magic hidden in the ordinary. To capture souls in their truest form." 

-- Amber Flowers


Some say I'm wild and eccentric. A goth girl with a heart of gold. I've been compared to Anne of Green Gables mixed with Daenerys Targaryen and Scarlett O'Hara. If you recognize and embrace the vibrant tenacity contained within the souls of which those names belong, then we'll get along nicely. Possibly even be kindred spirits for life...assuming I don't drive you crazy. 

Amber Flowers, Owner

Amber Flowers, Owner

I have a strong passion for protecting, observing and enjoying nature. There is something deeply alluring about the feel of the sun on my skin, the wind in my hair and the freedom to explore. Regardless if the terrain is rugged or urban, I love going on an adventure. I adore hiking in nearby Mammoth Cave National Park  for the rugged beauty contained safely within, but every forest, waterfall, cave or nature preserve feels like home. 

I also volunteer as a trained SKYWARN Spotter and CoCoRaHS Observer and In 2017, Soul Gaze Photography, LLC was accepted as a Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador™. It's a bit ironic, as I once greatly feared severe weather, but with age discovered I could utilize knowledge to calm my inner storm. Due in part to my devoted fascination towards weather, I am willing to work in any weather or season regardless of terrain. Rugged or urban, we'll have an adventure. Not everyone is intrigued by the notion of creating such raw, experimental images, but I find that the best images are those made during the most adventurous days without the pressure of perfection. 


When Not Working

I'm a small business owner, but also a wife and mother, so I'm always working on something. When not creating, you'll find me singing, gardening, watching Bollywood movies, (Indian Cinema), exploring local antique stores for eccentric treasures. I most love swimming freely under the stars at Dale Hollow Lake while a warm fire glows along the water's edge. The silence broken only by the crackle of the fire. 


My Favorites

I consume far too much coffee, peppermint tea and dark chocolate, but otherwise prefer to eat vegan, organic and as natural as possible. Halloween is my favorite holiday and my spirit animal is a bat. I prefer silver over gold and glitter is my favorite color (haha!). I collect fossils, geodes, houseplants and have been called a 'crazy cat lady' way too many times. Oh and that sound you hear, it's just me singing my heart out. <3


Meet My Family

Always exploring Kentucky -- whether rugged or urban.


Brandon Flowers

The deep blue waters of Dale Hollow Lake call to him. He swims like he belongs lost among the depths. When on land, books, movies, games and philosophical debates entertain his mind. His hands are happiest doing automotive or mechanical maintenance. He's currently a Maintenance Tech and the SMED Team Lead for a great company over an hour away in Bowling Green, Kentucky. He's on call 24/7 and often travels out of state doing the job he feels he was born to do. 

Lorna & Tristan

Both adore spending time in nature whether hiking or swimming. Lorna has inherited my artistic skills, scientific interest and respect for nature. She is talented at art and photography. Her room is a vivid pink with glitter and she wouldn't have it any other way. Tristan has a very focused obsession with Titanic. He's full of energy and has been a behavioral challenge since birth, but he loves to explore and is a great helper. 


Our Feline Family

My feline family began over 10yrs ago when I was still in high school. Spica is the only female. She's prissy and quite particular. She thinks she's royalty. Gizmo loves to play. He's a nibbler and will take his paw and make you pet him. He adores Lorna and comes running if I meow like a kitten. Sphinx is the mysterious one who oddly loves to play with rubber pacifiers and to sleep on my shoulder. He has the ability to make people sleepy. Merlin was a stray who is now the fattest, laziest cat we own and he thinks he's a dog.  Thunder is the only cat I've ever paid money to obtain. He was trapped in an adoption cage at Petco. As a trained spotter, the name was perfect. Add a sprinkle of cute begging from my daughter and next thing I knew he was in a box in my lap on the way to our house. Ironically, a few years later we rescued Draven, another Petco orphan. He is probably the most possessed kitten I've ever had. He loves to run and jump into my arms or climb (ouch!) up my leg. One minute he's sweet and calm...the next, run! All my cats are indoor cats for their protection and cleanliness. 

RIP Gizmo // Taken by a sudden illness 10.20.16. forever missed.

Our Canine Family

As for canines, I've always been more of a cat person, yet I've owned dogs since childhood. We got Isis (named after Egyptian Goddess) when we first got together. She's very much a hyper little dog. She's protective of us, so don't get too close without her knowing you. Sookie (already named by owner) was posted on Facebook with the plea to be adopted a soon as possible for she faced being surrendered to the local shelter. It was love at first sight. I met the owner halfway between both our locations on a dark and stormy night. On the way home, she gave me a high five and she knows other tricks. She's quite spoiled and I gave up trying to keep her off the couch. If only I could train her to vacuum. 


Behind The Scenes

See more and follow along: @soulgazephotography | #soulgazephotography