A Love for Nature...

I was born and raised in South Central Kentucky, but any forest, waterfall, cave feels like home. I am passionate about the conservation of nature. There is something deeply alluring about the feel of the sun on my skin, the wind in my hair and the freedom to explore. When not working, I am often exploring nearby Mammoth Cave National Park or traveling to a new destination for another grand adventure, always with a camera in my hand. For me, any season or weather condition is a new adventure, for nature is ever changing. I love to volunteer outdoors, where I can leave a lasting impact on the future.  


Photography + Technology

Throughout my life, I have been overflowing with creative energy. As a child, I was often reprimanded for drawing on every surface I could find or taking apart electronics to determine how they worked. (That wasn't always the best idea!) Thankfully, I was gifted a Kodak 110 camera before I got myself into more trouble. Around the same time, I was provided a heavy, dusty computer in a musty smelling cardboard box. Huge, 5'' floppy disks contained games and programs that required learning BASIC command codes. I found it entirely fascinating and was forever hooked on technology. In my teens, I was gifted a Dell desktop computer running Windows '95. After I was allowed access to the internet, I discovered access to a new world with unlimited potential to learn and create. I discovered the magic of CSS and HTML and was instantly hooked on coding and customization. I discovered anyone could have their own website, not just big companies. I eventually created my first website on Yahoo! Geocities (enjoy a good laugh). I've since upgraded to a more modern platform, which I proudly self-maintain. Now I have a late-night addiction to coding. It's an amazing feeling when you can tweak something to look the way you imagine using a well planned menagerie of letters, numbers and symbols. Plus, it's really fun! 



In 2017, Soul Gaze Photography, LLC was accepted as a Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador™. It's a bit ironic, as I once greatly feared severe weather, but with age discovered I could utilize knowledge to calm my inner storm. In August, I had the opportunity to join National Weather Service Louisville and Barren County Emergency Management during a local survey of an EFO tornado. It was such an amazing experience, to see the power of even a small tornado. Thankfully, no one was hurt, just some corn and barn roof damage.

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Amber Flowers

I am the Owner of Soul Gaze Photography, LLC, a SKYWARN Spotter, CoCoRaHS Observer and Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador™ for National Weather Service Louisville and a member of Friends of Mammoth Cave National Park. I reside in Nobob, 11mi SE of Glasgow, with my husband, two mini-humans and a menagerie of pets. Mostly cats.

In everything I do, I strive to see things differently. To find the magic hidden in the ordinary. To capture souls in their truest form.”
— Amber Flowers

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