Soul Gaze Photography, LLC

Photography Expectations


Browse The Archive to ensure my style suits your needs. If so, reach out to me for a complimentary consultation so I can answer your questions and we can get to know each other. I'm not a cookie cutter high-volume studio. I work with a limited amount of clients at a time and consider my clients to be friends.

Most common questions are answered in the FAQ or by browsing the 'What I Do' pages of my website.  

The Session

Most of us are used to forced poses and fake smiles. I capture souls. Reality, not stoic formality. You'll be free to spend time together as I capture the real moments uninterrupted except for occasional direction, tips and suggestions for the best results. I allow unlimited outfit changes during the the session, so feel free to let your creativity shine. No matter how unique, I'm cool with that! 

The Editing

One of the most popular questions clients ask is how long until images will be ready. The amount of questions have inspired the following informative guide to better explain why it takes so long to edit and deliver. If you still have questions, contact me.

  • After session: I backup images four ways immediately upon returning to my office. Transferring from camera to computer can take over an hour if there are a high volume of images. The RAW images are duplicated online to The Archive and offline to an external hard drive. The memory cards containing the images are not purged until editing has been completed. 
  • Editing process: RAW images are imported into Adobe Lightroom. These are essentially digital negatives that must be processed and tweaked by hand and then converted to JPEG. t's not a fast process. I understand the excitement and that it feels like I'm taking my time, but I'm not. I don't get paid for the time spent editing - just for the time providing the service. So, I lose money the longer it takes to edit.


Delivery: I do not begin to edit or provide images access until invoice has been paid in full. Therefore, sessions are edited in the order they are paid. Please be patient and avoid harassing me for updates as this will not speed up the process. For fairness to all, understand that there are other clients ahead of you who are also waiting on their images. I work as quickly as possible, but also have a family and home to care for. Many times, the anticipation of waiting results in worrying images will not be delivered. Worry not, for . Although waiting is frustrating, your images will be worth the wait! In exchange for your patience, I do not force a time limit for ordering. You'll be provided access to a private online archive where images are accessible 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

Ordering: Clients enjoy the flexible ordering options I provide with the ability to order a variety of tangible options online or in-person.

  • Full service tangible: I do the work for you. The ideal choice for clients who have special order requests or need assistance with their selections. Clients can even schedule a viewing party for family and friends! I'll be here every step of your investment and you are able to see and hold samples of most tangible options. Order from either Professional Artsy or Fine Art Bella. 
  • Self-service tangible: Purchase a print release with exclusive access to tips and recommended vendors for ordering. You can order discounted lustre or metallic prints and other 'classic' options via The Archive for home delivery and better quality than retail labs.

Sharing: Your online archive is designed to be shared with family/friends via the URL link and password. Image downloading requires a separate download password. For your privacy, only share access with those you trust to respect your privacy. Those who would never share your password with others, screenshot images or post on social media without your consent. Clients are of course allowed to share to social media as I do not always share images to my social media. In exchange for me not adding watermarks, clients are required to credit 'Soul Gaze Photography, LLC' where posted and to ensure others do the same.