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My Sunshine Birth Services
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My Sunshine Birth Services


Website redesign for, ongoing maintenance and graphic design as needed.If you're in need of a Doula in the Bowling Green, Kentucky check out My Sunshine Birth Services! 

Client: Mary Duke, LCCE
Company: My Sunshine Birth Services, Scottsville, KY. 
Platform: Wordpress, Squaresapce

Date: 2017

Project Details

Mary came to me for help with a Wordpress site that had been abandoned by another web designer. The website was nearly unusable with a blank 'Under Construction' page for the homepage. Working closely with Mary, we were able to quickly customize her website to better represent her and her services. Although I recommended Squarespace, initially, she was not ready to leave Wordpress. As of December 2017, client has decided to migrate from Wordpress to Squarespace. 

  • Updated the template to an easier to use design
  • Ensured site was mobile responsive
  • Converted the homepage to a blog site
  • Matched site colors to logo
  • Added pages and new content for a more professional and personal vibe
  • Images were resized to be faster loading along with a few image collages.
  • Cleaned up pages, links and navigation
  • Added a newsletter, social media sharing options and live chat box
  • Added an event calendar
  • Migrated Wordpress blog and pages to Squarespace
  • ...and more!

Ongoing Work: I will be assisting Mary with maintenance and SEO enhancements. 

Client Words

You know Amber Rowe Flowers has done a good job getting your website off to a better start when you get a call from a random Dad saying, "I asked google to help a clueless Dad and your face came up." We'll be meeting for private education next week. Thanks Amber and Google.#mysunshinebirth


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