Like traveling back in time to salvage what once was perfectly shiny and new. 

Imagine for a moment, the photographic memories of your ancestors, collecting dust as they lay forgotten in a drawer or unsecure box. In a time where life is so bound to digital, wouldn't you like to see these memories restored for your sharing or archiving pleasure? What about images damaged from storage, display or disasters such as floods and fires? Before these memories are lost forever to the degradation of time or disaster, trust me to scan, retouch and restore these valuable heirlooms.

Originals are never altered, for I utilize a high resolution scan in order to digitally restore images. I deliver a full resolution digital version of the before and after results for future archival, online sharing or printing either self-service or via my tangible options. Originals should be copied and insured before sending. Utmost care and respect will be provided while in my possession. Image(s) will be returned insured and repacked as provided, so please securely package with love. You're welcome to provide a high resolution scan or meet in person to deliver your image(s). You will not be charged for restoration if I determine I will be unable to restore your image due to the severity of the damage. I greatly appreciate permission to display before and after images in my portfolio.

Photo Restoration - Before Photo Restoration Before and After

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