I capture souls...

Rugged or urban, we'll have an adventure regardless of weather or season. 

There is more to you than the external. Your soul is fiery and free like the sunset reflected in your eyes. You are more than unique. You are a kindred spirit. Each photograph is forged from a grand adventure exploring lost places with a sense of adventure. If needed, I'll climb and crawl across rugged terrain or submerge myself in icy water to capture unique images you won't find elsewhere. I seek images of reality and emotion, not of stoic formality or false perfection. There is no simplicity in the singular concept of a soul, for each is as diverse and unique as the stars in a velvet sky. Your soul deserves to be captured in all its glory. We'll spend as long as you need, doing what you love most.

Price: My session fee is $200 + cost of tangible options. You may make payments or pay in full.