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    Custom Squarespace Website

    Unique Template  • Cover Page and Homepage  • Header  • Navigation  • Footer  • Creative Copywriting  • Multiple Pages and Galleries • Blog  • Event Calendar  • Ecommerce Store (physical/digital)  • Newsletter  • Transparent PNG Logo  • CSS, HTML & Theme Styling  • Browser Favicon  • Social media AND More...just let me know what you're looking for!

    All pricing is a one-time setup and design fee, paid to me for my time and expertise. 

    • $750: I do all the work for you! I'll handle the technical stuff and add your custom content and design. 
    • $450: Save money and be your own designer, I'll handle the technical stuff to get you setup and ready.
    • $50hr: For those who have a Squarespace website, but want to make some adjustments.

    Any extra cost? Enjoy a fully featured website! My one-time setup and design fee includes every feature offered by Squarespace, limited only by your chosen plan's limitations. For clients without an existing domain and host, domains begin at $12yr. Squarespace hosting begins at $16mo (or $216yr) and up depending upon plan chosen. Fees are determined by domain/host and so are subject to change. Premium stock images or hiring me for photographic services is optional. 

    Starter Website

    A basic website to get you online as quickly as possible. Enjoy FREE domain and hosting without monthly/annual fees.

    Homepage • 5 Starter Pages  • Blog  • Newsletter • Basic Custom Styling (CSS/HTML extra)

    • Access to stock images/graphics or my photographic services for an additional fee.
    • Full training to self-maintain (or I can be hired to update as needed).

    Any extra cost? For clients without an existing domain, you can use the free subdomain ( such as mywebsite.weebly.com) or purchase a custom domain (such as mywebsite.com) beginning at $12yr. Fees are determined by domain/host and so are subject to change. My fee includes every free feature offered by Weebly, limited only by your chosen plan's limitations. Premium stock images or hiring me for photographic services is optional. If you're not yet ready for a website, then social media is a free option that will work for you!


    Social Media >

    $25hr // A website alternative for those not ready to dive into the expense of a fully featured website. You'll be instructed how to use, maintain and utilize the amazing power of social media to elevate your online presence (local or worldwide) and reach far more potential clients than ever before. I provide: setup, design and tutoring. Allow me to improve your current social media profile(s) to better represent your unique voice. Facebook Instagram Twitter Google+ and others.

    Updates/Tweaks >

    $50hr // Already have a website and need to update information, tweak something or make a change? No problem! More extensive updates require a custom quote. My hourly rate is discounted if pre-purchased in larger quantities and can be used anytime.

    Self-Maintenance Tutoring >

    $25hr // Need help with learning how to do something? No problem! Enjoy personalized and private tutoring from the comfort of your home or office. Tutoring is done over the internet. We are able to see and speak to each other and share screens as needed. The session is recorded so you'll have everything you learned for future reference.

    Website Userability Video >

    $25ea // Live recorded screencast video with audio. Go here for more details.

    How It Works

    If you're like me, you like to know all the boring details before committing to something. Enjoy!

    Making It Official

    1. Customize Your Quote: Choose from the available Website Options and then contact me so we can discuss your needs. If a tight budget plagues you, let me know so I can try to work with what you can afford. Invoices automatically include a no-interest payment plan for your convenience and you may pay in full at anytime via 24/7 online account access. I strive to be fair and affordable for every client.
    2. Sign The Contract: This details the work I am required to provide and details my promise to protect your privacy, data etc. Sign the contract and a payment as a non-refundable retainer OR pay in full to begin your project. Please do not sign or make a payment if there is anything needing changes or if you need anything explained to you in detail. I am more than happy to answer your questions!
    3. Complete Questionnaire: Once it's official, I'll need you to answer a few design preference questions and upload the content you wish for me to build around such as: a bio and professional portrait for your about page, product images and description, access to your blog (if any) for importing. Let me know the days/times the most convenient to you for collaboration. The more free time you can devote to the process, the faster your site will be ready. We communicate remotely via email, social media or video chat if you are not local or are too busy to meet in-person. Patiently, we work together to complete your custom website around your busy schedule.

    During The Project

    1. To begin, we'll update your existing domain/host or purchase and setup a new domain/host as needed. If you already own a domain, you'll need account access in order to point to your new host. CLIENTS RETAIN FULL CONTROL OF THEIR DOMAIN/HOST SO ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR SETUP/BILLING TO ENSURE SERVICE IS NOT INTERRUPTED AND CAN BE CANCELLED AT ANYTIME. I will of course assist with this.
    2. Next, you'll choose the content you want on your 'coming soon' coverpage seen by visitors until your new website design is live.
    3. I will then provide a link to my secure file transfer service so you can upload your logo and any graphics, images, fonts, files and content you want me to utilize on your website. I am more than capable of creative copywriting, but I will need to get to know you and what you do better.
    4. Once we've got the domain and content ready, I will then be able to provide an estimated timeline and date of completion based upon my availability and active projects. 

    After The Project

    At project completion, you'll be provided: 

    • a link and password for downloading files, resources and purchased extras such as premium fonts and stock images.
    • a website tutorial via a live screencast video recorded just for you using your actual site.
    • Additional tutoring as needed is provided and I can be hired to maintain updates as needed. 

    That's it! Celebrate your awesome custom website. I'll promote your new site to all the followers of my blog and social media. 

    Hire Me

    Are you ready to transform your online presence? 

    REFUNDS? Due to the custom and digital nature of websites, all sales are final. Refusal to sign contract or pay retainer releases us both from any obligation.
    Please do not pay the retainer unless you are committed to hiring my services as I value working with clients who trust me 100%. 

    First Impression Videos

    You can have the most amazing website, but if visitors are unsure where to go, what you offer or have issues on their browser or mobile device, you'll lose their interest and money without even knowing there is a problem. Although you could easily have family and friends visit your website to provide suggestions, most are not going to want to hurt your feelings. Consider instead hiring a stranger to browse your website.

    I visit your website and record a live video screencast of the entire experience. Starting with my initial first impression, you'll see and hear every action and reaction as I browse your website. Everything is unscripted with no editing. You'll have the raw data you need to make changes if needed. Your video will be recorded on my desktop where I'll test your website cross-browser and also verify mobile usability (offscreen). Your video is uploaded to a private online archive for viewing/downloading at a time convenient to you or to send to your web designer

    Interested? Videos are only $25ea and are yours to keep!

    I don't limit the length which can vary depending upon the size of your website.

    (Sample Video Coming Soon!)