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What to Expect


I value the trust of my clients and believe in being as transparent as possible. I am a detail oriented type of person, but in the interest of web design and mobile devices, I have moved the lengthy details to this page rather than my services pages. If questions remain, browse the faq or contact me. 

This page is new as of Feb 2017 and is under construction for clarity and with imput from current clients. 


Photographic Services

Before Photography

  1. You're interested and so reach out to me. We discuss your needs and my services, policies and other details.
  2. Once you feel ready to book, I email access to your private client portal with your contract and invoice. I require a signed contract with a non-refundable retainer of 50% of invoice in order to reserve the date(s) and to provide services.
  3. You worry about signing a contract and so reach out with your concerns. I explain to you that the contract exists to protect us both. It ensures I will perform my job as agreed and you will pay for my work as agreed. Most importantly, it outlines policies, how your images will/won't be used by me and also provides your print release with terms of useage. We're both protected. I can't fail to deliver, you can't fail to pay.
  4. You'd like to meet me in person, just to be sure we're a good fit for each other. No problem! I'm happy to meet potential clients in-person at a local public place or via video chat. Contact me to set up an appointment. Coffee is on me! :)
  5. Finally! You're ready to book me. Sign in to your private portal. Sign your contract and pay a minimum of 50% of your invoice. You will have the option of full payment or smaller payments via your invoice. I will temporarily reserve your date(s). Once payment has cleared via online banking, I'll send you a confirmation email to make it official. Yay! So exciting. :D

During Photography

  1. When I arrive, I like to take a few moments to say hello before we get started. Unless it's an hourly project, such as a commercial session, there isn't any reason to rush unless you, the client have an appointment. I usually have no other sessions in order to provide my devoted attention to you. Besides, the most soulful images happen when clients can relax and be themselves.
  2. Once we begin, you'll enjoy the freedom to express yourself with guided direction as needed. It won't matter if you've never been photographed, I'll make sure you look amazing. I've been told I capture souls and that's what I strive to do for every client.
  3. Once we're done taking photos, you'll be able to look through those on my camera by request. We can cull out any that you find unflattering. This saves me time editing, provides client peace of mind and also allows for us to go back and capture anything that was forgotten. 
  4. We're done! Time to part ways. After a session, both myself and my clients are often starving! I greatly enjoy going out to eat with my new friends (no worries, I buy my own), but it's totally optional as I know not everyone makes friends so easily. 

After Photography

  1. As soon as I return to my home office, your RAW files (camera negatives) are copied to my external hard drive. I sort images and delete any that are not high quality to my standards and the rest are uploaded to my secure online cloud archive for their protection. I pay far too much for this considering the volume of client images, but it's worth it. I greatly respect the security and protection of client images. The card used is then safely stored in a fireproof box until editing is complete and then deleted and reformatted before the next usage. 
  2. Chosen RAW images are then imported into Lightroom and are tweaked by hand for the best quality. Final images are saved as JPEG files and then uploaded to your private online archive. Photoshop edits are are done before upload on files with obvious need, otherwise it is done as needed when files are purchased as tangible options. Times when Photoshop is needed include fixing yellow teeth, removing that ugly zit that showed up the morning of, removing backgrounds or objects and more.
  3. Images are typically edited according to the image series requiring the least tweaks. Once gallery upload begins, there is a 'this gallery is coming soon' message at the top of galleries that is removed once the gallery is finished. Once all images have been uploaded, clients can view images and contact me to order their chosen favorites. As a full service photographer, I'm here every step of your investment, so you are also able to schedule in-person viewing and ordering as needed. 
  4. You've ordered and will not be needing your images any time soon, but don't worry -- your images will remain in your archive. I don't require a minimum order so you can order as you need. Worried I'll quit photography and delete your images or turn into a zombie and be unable to help you? Let me know and I'll help you setup a Smugmug account (20% discount and around $5mo for non-professionals) so you can store and backup your private archive, your mobile device, your home computer just like I do. The ultimate service and protection! 

Still have questions? Browse the FAQ or contact me.