I reside in Nobob, 11mi SE of Glasgow, with my husband, our two mini-humans and a menagerie of pets. Mostly cats. Meet My Family >

Hello! My name is Amber Flowers.

I am a Photographic Artist and Squarespace Website Developer based in Glasgow, Kentucky.

PHOTOGRAPHY provides the ability to preserve my observations of a moment between two souls, the golden glow of a beautiful sunset landscape or the delicate beauty of a snowflake -- all of which would otherwise fade away. I greatly love what I do, for it enables me to meet new people and travel to a new destination, on another grand adventure, always with a camera in my hand. There is something deeply alluring about the feel of the sun on my skin and the wind in my hair while exploring rugged and urban locations. 

WEBSITES provide another outlet for my creativity. I love to play with code and greatly enjoy the creative process. It's such a rewarding challenge to develop an on-going relationship with my client, to better understand them and their business and then watch their website evolve to become an extension of who they are. It's so exciting to design and develop websites for other creatives and small businesses owners as they reach for the stars. 

VOLUNTEERING and Giving Back is something I'm passionate about. Although I’ve been in business professionally since 2014, I started my business over 10yrs ago volunteering my services for work experience and self-growth. Currently, I provide Post Mortem Memoria and Ante Mortem Pet Photography by donation and I am a Volunteer and the Volunteer Photographer (VIP/PIP) at nearby Mammoth Cave National Park.

As for the future, I dream of one day working at Mammoth Cave National Park as a Park Ranger and traveling the world on nature related photographic adventures for research, conservation and exploration. I want to study and learn historically used alternative photographic processes such as tintypes and daguerreotypes. I enjoy working in my garden, exploring caves, collecting rocks and fossils and spending time in nature as often as possible.


  • Shoot & Share, an international photo contest:


  • Green River Grotto - 2014, 2018

  • Kentucky Speleological Society - 2018

  • National Speleological Society - 2018

  • Association of National Park Rangers - Level: Active Volunteer - 2018

  • Squarespace Circle Member - 2018

  • Glasgow - Barren County Chamber of Commerce - 2018

  • Friends of Mammoth Cave National Park - 2018

  • Better Business Bureau of Louisville - 2016, 2017, 2018


  • Volunteer Photographer for Mammoth Cave National Park - 2018

  • Storm Spotter Class graphics for Glasgow/Barren County Emergency Management - 2018

  • Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador™ for National Weather Service Louisville - 2017

  • EF-0 Tornado Survey for NWS Louisville - 2016

  • Trained SKYWARN Spotter for National Weather Service in Louisville - 2013

  • The Journey Home Adoption Project - 2013

  • C.A.M.P. TJ Kids (TJ Samson Community Hospital) - 2012, 2011

  • Glasgow Fire Department - 2012, 2010

  • Trashmaster's Classic at Barren River State Resort Park - 2017, 2015, 2014,

  • Photography & Video: Schoepflin Funeral - 2014


  • National Park Foundation - 2018

  • Friends of Mammoth Cave National Park - 2017, 2018


A portion of income is donated to support Friends of Mammoth Cave National Park, a 501(c)3 non-profit.


Here are featured photos I took during the 2017 Cave Sing, hosted by Friends. This is a free event where visitors enjoy a nostalgic trip inside the Historic Entrance, through the Rotunda to gather in Rafinesque Hall. In the Cave's depths, enjoy the natural acoustics reflecting the harmonious vocals of a choir with the ambiance of a Christmas tree and candles. After, meet at the visitor center for free cookies and cider and a visit from Santa. 

Watch Mammoth Cave's website and social media (Fb, Tw) for this year's event details.