Amber Flowers, Owner.

Amber Flowers, Owner.

Hello! My name is Amber Flowers, I’m a Photographic Artist and Web Designer based in Glasgow, Kentucky. When I’m not busy with my business, you’ll find me at Mammoth Cave National Park, where I currently work as one of three Summer Bat Monitoring Interns through the Student Conservation Association. I’m also the webmaster, social media admin and a Board Member for Friends of Mammoth Cave National Park, where I dream of one day being a Park Ranger.

Although nature and science were my first love, I discovered my photography and web design hobby was an unexpected talent I couldn’t ignore. I’d been studying, practicing and donating work for nearly a decade, before finally listening to encouragement to start a business. Soul Gaze Photography, LLC has been a family operated, female owned, Eco-friendly small business since November 19th, 2014. Rather than to be bound to a studio, I love to travel and am obsessed with spending time outdoors, in any season. I greatly enjoy the challenge of providing photographic services regardless if it’s ‘rain or shine’.

Whether you need professional photographic services or web design and development, I’d be honored to be selected to work with you. I can’t promise perfection, but I can promise a dedication towards doing the best job I can while serving others. I am proud of my Love For All Policy which basically means I respect everyone, regardless of our differences.”


Love & Life

I’m madly in love with my best friend, constantly amazed by my two children (Lorna and Tristan) and totally adore my menagerie of pets. For fun, I enjoy working in my garden or tending to my houseplant jungle, swimming under a starry sky, singing my heart out and going on adventures. I collect rocks and fossils and explore antique stores with reverence. I’ve been described as an ‘old soul’ with my heart on my sleeve.

Faves: Peppermint, spearmint, berries, coffee, dark chocolate, bats (Chiroptera), glitter (it’s messy, but so is life and both are beautiful!), earth science and stars (both the shape and the real sky orbs).