Sharper Images on Facebook

Download JpegMini to resize images to reduce file size without reducing quality. I use this program almost daily for my website and social media to ensure faster loading and sharper images with less quality loss due to compression. 

This program uses a simple drag and drop interface, but if you need help getting setup, let me know. You can resize 20 images daily for free (or can purchase JPEGMini Pro for unlimited use). Just change max width to 1500 in preferences.

TIP: Never use lower-resolution resized versions for printing with a print release unless you want a lower quality print.

Self-Service Printing Options

To order from my line of fine art quality tangible options, contact me.

  • Artifact Uprising*!

  • Artsy Couture*

  • Stonepress Prints

  • Pinhole Press

Vendors with a * have passed my calibration and quality tests and are often trusted with my personal work. Vendors with a ! are also eco-friendly or have initiatives in place to be that way soon.