Custom Websites

Creating and maintaining a website should be fun. Not frustrating or overwhelming. Is lack of time or endless confusion of trying to start a new website (or update an existing one) holding you back from your true potential? Was your social media or blog was last updated weeks (or months) ago? Despite offering something amazing, if all you hear are crickets instead of inbox dings or phone rings, you need my help. Worry not, I am here to provide a solution to the overwhelm in a way that will be fun and rewarding. 

A newly (re)designed website or just tweaks -- it's your choice. On a platform designed to be responsive for both desktop and mobile with search engine optimization.

Why fight with the setup, design or development of your website or waste valuable time on ongoing maintenance? Focus instead on growing your business, and enjoy all the free time you'll have to spend outdoors on an adventure with your family. 

Specialized Service

Although experienced with a variety of platforms, I am proud to specialize in custom websites built and hosted on Squarespace (can be fully featured website, blog or commerce site) and SmugMug (portfolio website focused on viewing, sharing and selling photos). Both offer an easy to use, drag-and-drop interface with no need for plug-ins, or learning anything technical (such as CSS/HTML code) unless you want to. Websites are also cross-browser tested and mobile responsive. Your website will look great on a computer or on a visitor's cellphone. 

Transparent Pricing

All projects are customized to each project's unique needs. Setup, Design & Development start at $50hr, and the total price is custom to each project. What about ongoing expenses? They are surprisingly affordable with the total annual expense equaling around $240yr.

  1. The project fee we agree too (let me know your budget and I'll do my best to work with you or can setup a payment plan).

  2. The domain fee (no extra charge if you already have a domain, if not, some are free, most are $12yr).

  3. The Squarespace website host fee of $216yr or $26mo (annual is higher initially, but saves money).

Other than that, there are no other fees or charges beyond transaction fees for sales. Optional extras: ongoing maintenance, commercial photography of products or location, business cards, logo, etc. 

I'm Here To Stay

One of the most common things I hear from clients is horror stories regarding having to try to finish an unfinished project. I promise to never abandon you. I believe in open, honest communication and collaboration. We will work together, for as long as you need, to ensure your website will help you achieve your goals. You'll have friendly service and support during the design process and beyond with affordable and transparent pricing that will easily fit your budget. If for some reason you feel we are no longer a good fit, I will still train you how to maintain your website or show you how to transfer elsewhere. I hope we can still be friends! :)

My Services Include:

  • Photographic Services

  • Domain Setup/Connection

  • Data Migration & Hosting

  • Squarespace Website Setup

  • Smugmug Website Setup

  • Design & Development

  • Self-Maintenance Training

  • Ongoing Maintenance (optional)

  • Blog Outsourcing

  • Ghostwriting

  • Social Media