First Impression Videos

You can have the most amazing website, but if visitors are unsure where to go, what you offer or have issues on their browser or mobile device, you'll lose their interest and money without even knowing there is a problem. Although you could easily have family and friends visit your website to provide suggestions, most are not going to want to hurt your feelings. Consider instead hiring a stranger to browse your website.

I visit your website and record a live video screencast of the entire experience. Starting with my initial first impression, you'll see and hear every action and reaction as I browse your website. Everything is unscripted with no editing. You'll have the raw data you need to make changes if needed. Your video will be recorded on my desktop where I'll test your website cross-browser and also verify mobile usability (offscreen). Your video is uploaded to a private online archive for viewing/downloading at a time convenient to you or to send to your web designer

Interested? Videos are only $25ea and are yours to keep!

I don't limit the length which can vary depending upon the size of your website.

(Sample Video Coming Soon!)