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About FAQ

Where are you located?

Soul Gaze Photography, LLC is based in Glasgow, Kentucky (1hr east of Bowling Green), located nearly half-way between Louisville, Kentucky and Nashville, Tennessee.

Do you have an indoor studio?

Soul Gaze Photography, LLC is not a public studio. An appointment is required prior to visiting. This location is for meetings, product pickup and in-person payments ONLY.

Will you travel?

I am a traveling photographer and I love to travel, I love an adventure and I enjoy the excitement of a road-trip! A minimal travel fee may apply, inquire for a no-obligation quote.

My male assistant or my Husband will be accompanying me on all trips for safety and to assist me with heavy equipment.

If your location is on my bucket list, I will gladly discount or even waive my usual rate in exchange for travel expenses. I do have two small children, so please reach out as soon as possible so I can make arrangements for them for while I'm away.

What are your hours and how can I contact you? {+}

Due to the nature of my job and volunteering at Mammoth Cave National Park, I am unable to have set office hours. Typically, I work M-F and am closed on the weekends unless scheduled in advance. When not working, I'm often on an adventure somewhere rugged with my camera or a client. I will reply as soon as I return to civilization.
If you need to contact me, there are a variety of options here:

I have a day job. Are you willing to work late at night? {+}

If late night requests are not frequent and I have notice to plan for it, I'm happy to work late and (even overnight) if that's best for your schedule. If you require late nights regularly, a fee will apply.

Why do you prefer not to do phone calls? {+}

To be honest, I'm incredibly hyper and lose focus when on the phone. I am able to provide the best service by communicating in-person, by video chat or written words I can refer to. Also, I live in a rural area and poor signal issues result in frustration and much of the conversation cutting out to where important details are lost. I often work in remote locations with limited to no signal. If you don't hear from me within a reasonable amount of time (usually same day or within 24hrs) then reach out via social media or send me a text.

Are you an Eco-friendly or Green Business? {+}

Yes and proudly! Learn more:

Do you have an anti-discrimination policy? Will you work with me? {+}

Yes and proudly! Read my full policy:

Where are you from? {+}

I was born and raised in South Central Kentucky. I've resided in Merry Oaks, Glasgow and Nobob in Barren County, and Elizabethtown in Hardin County.

Can I hire you to help me with my website? {+}

Usually yes, but the level of support I can provide is dependant on the platform. I specialize in providing both customizations and full websites on Squarespace or Smugmug and can provide tweaks on Wordpress. My knowledge is limited elsewhere, but I'm a quick learner and will happily try!

How can I support your career and growth? {+}

Many ways. Hire me. Buy Fine Art. Be a donating Patron. Purchase from my Wishlist. Buy me Coffee!!

What do you do for fun? {+}

I'm a small business owner, but also a wife and mother, so I'm always working on something. When not creating, you'll find me enjoying outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, watching lightning streak across a dark sky, chasing rainbows, gardening and collecting rocks, fossils, geodes and houseplants. When not outdoors, I enjoy singing, exploring local antique stores for eccentric treasures and watching Bollywood movies. I most love swimming freely under the stars at Dale Hollow Lake while a warm fire glows along the water's edge. The silence broken only by the crackle of the fire.

What are some of your favorites? {+}

  • I consume far too much coffee, peppermint tea and dark chocolate, but otherwise prefer to eat vegan, organic and as natural as possible.
  • My favorite color is purple and I love glitter. I prefer silver over gold, though oddly I like copper.
  • I deeply enjoy most genres of music...except country. Oh and that sound you hear, it's just me singing my heart out.
  • Halloween is my favorite holiday and my spirit animal is a bat. Though I also love peacocks and jumping spiders. I also love cats and have been called a 'crazy cat lady' many times.

What about your personality? {+}

I talk too much, love too deeply, trust too strongly. I have battled anxiety, depression and social anxiety since I was a teen. I tend to spend more time with trees than people and I'm the kind of girl who will bravely rescue snakes, spiders and other critters. I prefer to avoid the drama of religion and politics, but I'm not afraid to speak my mind and be an advocate for what I believe. If you've made it this far without running away, we should be friends. :)

What are your favorite video games? {+}

I'm not what you'd consider a 'gamer'. I'm happy playing Mahjong and Solitare or games on older systems such as Atari or Sega Genesis. As for modern games, I like Fable and Mortal Kombat. Someone asked me which Sega Genesis games I like most: Dynamite Headdy, Earthworm Jim, Vectorman, Ecco the Dolphin, Ecco: The Tides of Time, Sub Terrania, Golden Axe I, II, III, Sonic the Hedgehog I, II, III, Streets of Rage, Columns, Mortal Kombat I, II, III, Revenge of Shinobi, Streets of Rage. I'm probably forgetting a ton, and now I want to dig my Genesis out of the closet. :D Oh and old school computer games like Lemmings are awesome.

Equipment FAQ

What equipment do you use? {+}

View full equipment list here >

Do you tutor other photographers? {+}

Yes. Locally or online via video chat.

Will you 2nd Shoot with a wedding photographer? {+}

If the wedding is a good addition to my portfolio. I will not 2nd weddings where I am unable to use the images (with credit to you as primary). This is because of the wear and tear on my equipment and health, time invested and loss of income compared to being primary.

Can my digital camera take infrared photos? {+}

Depends on the camera. I can help you find out.

Why don't you have fancy lighting? {+}

I love the beauty of natural light and use reflectors and my 580EXII for shadow fill and low-light events when needed. I'm saving up for Profoto and need $1000-$5000.Natural light is beautiful, but limiting indoors and when the sun's direction isn't ideal for the location.

Why can't I have the RAW files? {+}

Releasing RAW files is like an artist giving away the canvas before the painting is created. Many of us create our unique style from the RAW images...and also hide alot of blemishes, objects and such that we wouldn't want the client to see or to share with others who could think the RAW files are our work quality.

Photographic Services FAQ

How much do services cost?

I believe every soul is unique, so pricing is custom. If the provided quote is outside the budget you had in mind, you can make monthly payments or we can customize what is included to better suit your needs. This one-time fee does not include travel fees or expenses (no charge within Barren County) or prints and products.

  • Portraits: $200eae
  • Family: $350ea
  • Weddings: $250hr
  • Commercial/Event: $320hr
  • Infrared: $420ea
  • Ante/Post Mortem Memoria: By Donation
  • Photo Restoration: $200hr

What is included in the service fee?

The service fee is payment for my time on-location providing photographic services AND professionally editing your images. I am flexible in regards to length of session, locations, outfit changes and other relevant needs. There is no specific limit on the amount of photos taken nor the time required, provided the session time is respectful of both our time. Prints and products are a purchased seperately.

Why do you not include prints and products?

To be more Eco-friendly and save clients money, prints and products are purchased seperately. My clients love to have the ability to order only the prints and products they truly need, rather than being forced into expensive packages with wasteful extras.

When are you availiable for services?

I am unable to have set hours due to the nature of my work, volunteering at Mammoth Cave and my family's needs. An appointment is required prior to visiting my office. Services are availiable by appointment 24/7. Yes, you read that right. You can hire me for your photographic or website needs anytime, day or night. With proper notice, I'm always happy to work around your schedule.

Can I meet you in-person?

Before anything is official, we can meet at a mutually local public place or over a live video call (Skype or Facetime) to discuss your project needs and budget. If we're not a good fit, I can refer you to someone in my professional network.

How do we make this official and how will I pay you?

Once we agree on the scope and fee, I'll setup your Online Account. From there, you'll sign our agreement and pay your invoice. It's faster, easier and Eco-friendly to handle everything online and you'll have everything in one place. Payment is accepted online by credit card or PayPal and in-person by cash or check. Payment by check will not be credited to your invoice until it the deposit has cleared.

Do you require a deposit/retainer? What happens if I don't pay?

A non-refundable retainer of 50% of the invoice balance is required to reserve a date on my calendar with the final payment due on or before the date services will be performed. In rare cases where I continue with the session, images will not be edited or delivered in any form, digital or tangible, without payment in full. I reserve the right to use images in my portfolio and for marketing, regardless of payment status. Images not paid after 1yr (from the date of session) will be permanantely deleted, except those chosen for my advertising usage.

What equipment do you use?

Images are created with professional equipment and the natural lighting of the chosen location occasionally supplemented with flash for fill light. I do not currently work from an indoor studio, however I am able to photograph jewelry and small products from my home office.

When can I expect to see my images?

Please let me know if you have a delivery deadline when you inquire about services. I personally provide all services on my own, and I do not outsource editing, so please expect a delay which can be weeks - months depending on the project complexity, pending projects and how often I am able to be at home to edit due to the nature of my work, volunteering at Mammoth Cave and my family's needs. I promise, I am working as fast as I can without sacrificing quality.

How do I recieve or access my images?

Images are delivered in a shareable, password protected gallery for approved friends and family to order, once the invoice has been paid in full. Prints and products are available for purchase anytime as-needed. You may also request your images be delivered on a USB flash drive in an heirloom quality giftbox.

Is There a fee for travel?

No fee if within Barren County, Kentucky. Locations beyond may require travel and accommodations.

What does the service fee cover?

The service fee covers my time photographing, editing and online archival storage. Final images are extra. You may change outfits and locations as needed. The length of time is dependent on your unique needs and selected location with no travel fee for projects located in Barren County.

How are images taken and delivered?

The amount of images is dependant upon various factors such as the length of coverage chosen, the weather conditions, availiable light, and artificial light allowed at the location. I focus on quality not quantity, but you'll still have more images than needed. Images are fully edited. Final images are delivered in a password protected online gallery for order proofing and sharing with friends/family. Images are safely archived, so you can order anytime from my selection of fine art prints, canvas, heirloom albums and more. You may also choose a custom USB in an heirloom box with a print release for an additional fee. This allows you to download or print as needed.

How are images edited? What if I don't like them?

Images will be professionally edited (please explore The Archive to be sure you like my style) as there are no refunds due to differences in artistic taste. However, I do try to please my clients if I am informed up front about special requests. Any major retouching after final image delivery may require an additional fee.

What about prints and products?

Prints & Photo Products: I am a full service photographer, providing a variety of professional fine art prints and gifts for home or office for an additional fee. I'll help you plan and purchase as needed. Best of all, I am Eco-friendly, so there are no minimum order requirements and images are securely archived for future orders.

What about friend and family orders?

You can authorize family/friends to view and order rather than to have to purchase for them. This saves you time and money!

Sounds great! How do I book you?

I highly encourage you to meet with me in-person or by video chat to discuss your photography goals. There is no charge to meet with me. Once we're sure we'll be the best of friends, I'll send you a form to fill out to setup your Online Account. From there, sign your contract and pay your retainer on the invoice and it's official!

Ready to begin?

A non-refundable retainer (will be applied to invoice) and contract signature is required to begin a project. Your invoice will automatically have a payment plan that can be extended by request. I offer a variety of flexible service customizations for your unique needs and budget. Please note, pricing is subject to change at anytime and is not guaranteed until a retainer has been paid.

Weddings FAQ

Which coverage is best? {+}

I prefer full coverage. I feel so bad leaving when the time is up. Many times I've been asked why rehearsal is important. By being there, I'm able to know what to expect in regards to the order of events and most importantly can be better prepared for difficult lighting situations or venue limitations.

What if I choose hourly, but we are behind schedule? {+}

This is a common problem and another great reason for full coverage. You will be invoiced for extra time requested during the event at the rate of $250hr. I require the client's signature to confirm and authorize the request to stay and to agree to pay the invoice for time requested. This will be a momentary distraction during your event, so please consider full coverage.

Boudoir FAQ

Who typically chooses boudoir? {+}

Couples enjoy gifting such images to those they love, commonly as a wedding, anniversary or Valentine's present. These images empower greater confidence by capturing the beauty they weren't aware they had.For couples, these images allow them to strengthen their bond, feel more 'sexy' together and to have an intimate representation of their love for fond memories in the years where their bodies are far less attractive. There will be no pornographic images or activities, however if the drawing of Rose in 'Titanic' offends you, then boudoir probably isn't for you. Nudity is optional. Your privacy and discretion is respected at all times. Images will not be shared or displayed without your signed consent. I offer a reduced rate to brave souls willing to allow me to update my online (public) portfolio with select images from the session.

Who will see my images? {+}

I value the reputation and respect of my clients and never use images publicly without permission. With your contract is a model release allowing you to choose the level of exposure or lack thereof. I appreciate the clients brave enough to allow me to share select, discreet (often unrecognizabe) images for my portfolio.

Are there any requirements? {+}

You MUST be 18 or older, No exceptions. I CHECK ID AND REQUIRE SIGNED CONSENT. Even if parents would consent, nudes under 18 are not legal. Sorry! You are welcome to bring a trusted, discreet friend. They can choose to join for additional fee. I will not photograph men alone without my trusted male assistant for my safety and to protect my reputation, as I am married. I do not discriminate, so will photograph female, male or transgender souls of all ages and sizes alone or together. No kinky behavior allowed. We capture emotions, passion and desire...not the act of pleasure.

Websites FAQ

Why do I need a website? {+}

A website is essentially an online business card. It represents you in the most interactive way possible, with the ability to reach potential clients all over the world. Intuitive, professional and creative websites showcase your unique individuality and brand. It’s definately worth the effort and cost to ensure your online presence stands out.

How much can I expect to pay? {+}

Below pricing can not account for variables such as custom fonts, graphics, photography, stock images or additional storage which are the responsibility of the client and not included. However, I am proud to be able to provide both websites and photographic services.

STEP ONE > Domain Name: $12yr (more for 'premium' domains) or use one you already own. I use Google Domains. Easily update settings to point to any host. They are the easiest way to get domain email. You click a couple buttons and are setup automatically. I pay $5mo for email via Google's Gsuite Gmail.
Your domain name is your address on the internet. Be sure it's memorable.

STEP TWO > Website Host: Choose your website host and plan. Both have amazing customer service and minimal downtime.

STEP THREE > Project Fee: Pricing includes new site setup and migration from another platform (such as Wordpress) and unlimited pages.

STEP FOUR > Ongoing Maintenance: Fees vary according to your needs. I can do simple tweaks as needed or full updates such as posting your blog posts for you.

Which host is right for me? {+}

My website is hosted on Squarespace and my galleries are on SmugMug so you can see both sites in action. Design, templates and other factors such as aesthetics will vary in uniqueness per client and project.

  • Squarespace: Great for all types of businesses. Unlimited pages with an integrated blog and ecommerce store. The catch? Designed for portfolio galleries, not photo storage or client proofing. EXAMPLE: (you're already here!)

  • SmugMug: Primarily for photographers and artists who wish to feature their work online, sell photos and photo products and have unlimited storage and backup of images. The catch? No integrated blog. EXAMPLE:

Do I need to purchase a new domain or can I use one I already own? {+}

You can use one you already pay for provided you have access to the admin panel or dashboard to change settings. I am happy to assist you, however you or your provider must make any needed changes. If you need a domain, most are $12yr through Google Domains (who I trust with my domains). You will be able to use the domain elsewhere if you ever leave Squarespace/Smugmug. Squarespace also offers domains (free-$20+), but the interface is more difficult to manage.

What if I am leaving a self-hosted site such as Wordpress? {+}

This requires more extensive account modifications. You will need to reach out to your domain provider and host. An example would be a Wordpress site with a GoDaddy domain and server/host through HostGator. Your email is another consideration. I recommend you first reach out to your providers for instructions prior to hiring a designer. You will not need HostGator if you build a site on Squarespace or SmugMug as they provide the hosting for you. All you will need is a domain name with the ability to modify DNS records.

What about when I need to update my website or want to change the layout? {+}

Your website utilizes an easy to use drag-and-drop content interface and customization dashboard. Easily update content or change colors in mintues. I tutor clients who wish to self-maintain and can be hired for maintenance as often as-needed. If your budget doesn't allow regular maintenance, you'll be able to do so with only a minimal learning curve. You'll not have to mess with code unless you want to. I promise never to abandon you!
For more major changes, page layout changes are as simple as drag-and-drop, but template changes are a bit more tricky. Your data is safe (excluding header areas), but will require restructuring in to folders and index pages.

What else do I need to know? {+}

  • Completion time is dependent upon client providing input and files in a timely manner.
  • Design is dependant upon each client's unique needs and aesthetic which can range from minimal and light to vibrantly artistic or dark and moody.
  • You may experiance limited, sporadic downtime for the first 72hrs after changing domain providers. This is outside of my control. The internet is a big place, record updates require time to 'sync'.
  • SEO (Site Engine Optimization) will be temporarily affected due to changing your site. I take the time to redirect as many former links as possible to new content (if relevant) to reduce the frequency of 404 errors. After your site is live, I monitor analytics and use the data to adjust layout and content according to the natural way visitors access the site for optimum SEO and user-friendly browsing.

Online Account FAQ

Why use online accounts instead of paper? {+}

I am an Eco-friendly business and so am making as many changes as possible to reduce my environmental impact. Client accounts are provided at no cost to you. Save the environment and time by utilizing online documents. Gone are the days of printing and mailing documents back and forth. Now, enjoy the simplicity of a secure online account for fast, easy access to important documents.

How long will I have access to the online archive? {+}

Online access is provided for 30 days. Beyond that, I can help you setup a personal account (around $40yr) with my storage provider SmugMug with my 20% discount. They provide unlimited storage of photos and video regardless of your account level. This means, you can backup all your images and finally clear space on your hard drive and mobile phone. Hopefully you never experience a natural disaster, but if you do, online archiving is a great way to ensure your important memories are safe. However, please be aware that copyright and image useage as stated in our contract still applies.

I am honored when you like my work enough to use/share on social media. It inspires me to keep creating. You are encouraged to use and share your images, but please remember to credit Soul Gaze Photography, LLC and not to alter images in any way other than crop only if required by a social media uploader. Your cooperation protects the integrity of my work when seen by non-clients. Thank you for your support!

How do I order tangible options? {+}

  • Full Service: Let me do the work for you. Contact me to schedule in-person viewing and ordering or to see samples from my collection of luxurious, fine art quality tangible options not purchasable online.
  • Self-Service: Download images as needed or place an order directly from your gallery via a professional lab of higher quality than retail labs. 30-Day Guarantee | View Catalog Full tangible option details are coming soon!

Blog FAQ

Do you have a disclaimer and disclosure policy? {+}

Of course:

Will you test, review or buy my product? {+}

If you're interested in a collab, please contact me. I'll send photos and I post on my blog and social media.

Do you make money from your blog? {+}

Sometimes. Either in the form of affiliate links or brand ambassador collabs. This is better detailed here: