If You Can't Drive Safely, Save Everyone Gas and Walk!

Today was another interesting day driving in and around Glasgow. I remember back when I was in High School, getting my permit. I remember the sheer joy of driving and exploring our small town. I felt safe. I felt secure. I never really had that fear going through a light or passing a stopped car that I would have to worry. As the years passed by, Glasgow has grown into a larger town. Alot has changed, alot has remained. The unfortunate thing is that through all the positive changes, there are still people that think safety in a small town isn't an issue. We take for granted being able to walk these streets with our friends, family and even our pet. Truth is, things have changed. If only we can change the negativities for good. I know I'm rambling, but with the intention to discuss the upsetting event I experienced today. I know that this is a common occurrence for all drivers. That's not the issue. It's how this person reacted that really got to me, even more than their actions.

Driving into town today near the square, I nearly had a wreck. We all know that when a car is stopped on a side street to pay attention-they may pull out without seeing you. After noticing an increase in traffic during the years since I got my license, I now watch closer than ever. Most people take for granted that when people are stopped they will wait before you pass to pull out. Bad idea.

Today was one of those days where it was just me and my daughter. We were heading to Wal-mart (what? I worked there 5 years and miss my friends!) for groceries and to her Autism Evaluation appointment. All seemed well as I began to approach a car stopped at a side-street. Suddenly the female driver pulled out in front of me. There was time to stop or back up. Apparently this person was in a major hurry. I had to brake hard. Had I been about 6 inches closer, I would've hit their male passenger. I was so close, there was no 'maybe they just tried to beat traffic'. This was stupidly close. This was, "I'm in a hurry and I don't care". They pulled on out not stopping even after I had to stop hard in the road. Thankfully I was going slow and anticipating their action. The worst part wasn't that rush of adrenaline I felt in that moment. I like that feeling...reminds me I'm alive. It was their actions afterwards. As soon as they began to pull out, I honked my horn hoping they'd see me and stop and to remind them of their irresponsibility.

When we stopped at the light between the Plaza and the Chiropractor, the woman proceeded to stand up in the car and look back and me. Her next actions were inappropriately PG-13 or above! She very vehemently gave me the finger yelled, "F@#$ *&" and began to cuss me as if I'd done something wrong to her! I was so angry, so shocked and so ashamed in her behavior. All my sensibilities were inflamed. I leaned out my window and at the top of my now sore throat yelled back, " I have my daughter with me! Driving like that you could get her killed! How dare you talk to me like that!" Oh how angry I was in that moment. No amount of words in any language could truly describe the since of indignation I felt. It sounds silly now what little I said, but at the time 'mommy' instinct ruled. I wasn't even worried about me or the car. I was imagining what if they had hurt her, how would she react? How would I react?? What if she could see or hear that woman? I wanted so bad to get out of my car, take her keys and tell her how irresponsible her driving was and her behavior. To tell her to get some soap and learn to speak proper English. I'm not perfect, but I sure don't cuss someone for no reason. Especially if it was over something I did. I was close to cussing her back, but wanted to set a better example for my daughter. Instead, I started forcing myself to breath and relax. Ironically, she finished off my last nerve: right after she sat back down, the light changed. The cars ahead of her drove on through. She approached the light. The light was still green. She STOPPED at the light and sat there. The other cars were honking and waiting and she just sat. Finally, she went on. I finally had enough. Shaking with adrenaline and anger, I called the GPT. The officer answered the phone and took my information. Unfortunately for this driver, since I was behind them I was able to give GPT their license plate number, county and car description. The police officer assured me repeatedly that they'd already sent someone during our conversation. I had heard her on the radio in the background, so I had no doubts there. She asked me if I was ok. Was I ok? I was so angry I was borderline crying. I was insulted and furious that my daughter witnessed the driver's trashy behavior. Instead of venting to her, I stayed professional, as I knew I needed to do. I focused to answer her questions and safely followed the car while they had me on the phone. After they received their information, I pulled over for a second. All this, just so the person could go to Edmonton State Bank! It was around 4, so maybe she was trying to get to the bank before it closed, but how late would've she been after a wreck? Why can't people just slow down and realize they will get there when they are meant to. I'd told the officer I would be ok as long as she was reprimanded. In reality, I am not ok. This type of incident is another day where I ask, where is the justice! Sometimes I wonder...maybe I should just be a police officer myself...could you see that? Amber Flowers of the police? Who knows.

Anyway, you may be thinking, wow well what's the big deal, this happens all the time. I agree, this is common. The frequency isn't the issue, it's the amount of times it's happened to one person in such a small town. Am I just this unlucky and it's all coincidence or has Glasgow started to have more incidents of wreck-less driving and foul behavior? I was born here. I can't be unnapreciative of our small town, but I can be unappreciative of our driver's attitudes! If you can't drive safely...seriously consider walking. If you are so angry you have to cuss someone to get your point across, learn some respect and self control. If you do something stupid driving and are called out, grow up and accept that you made a mistake! Sit down, shut up and drive on...safely. I wonder if I'd been a police officer, how she'd reacted in that same situation! Would she have cussed me then? Doesn't everyone deserve the same respect regardless of rank and station in life? Some won't agree with me calling the police, but sometimes one person can make a difference. Who knows, maybe fate destined for me to report her because during the time the cops stopped her there was someone who otherwise would've been in her direct path? I rarely every bother the police, but when someone is doing something stupid and acting so blatantly careless and unapologetic, that person asked for it themselves.

Right now you are either agreeing with me or thinking I'm getting alittle too upset over one silly situation. Maybe I am, but I have still chosen to present my case. I will be posting two more blog posts soon. One over a wreck I witnessed a few months ago and another over a damaging wreck that I was involved in when a guy ran a red light and hit my truck. Photos will be included, so return for those entries!
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