So Osama is dead. Is it really worth celebrating?

Ok so Osama Bin-Laden is reportedly dead. Whoo hooo with sarcasm on the side. While everyone is celebrating his death, there will be more ready to take his place. More Americans losing family members for our great government. I respect the military and armed forces maintaining the freedoms we so greatly enjoy and take for granted. I agree what was done was unforgivable, but now that he's gone: then what!? Is the government going to let families return home or will they just find another reason to continue years of fighting further worsening already damaged economy? I'm glad everyone is happy, but think everyone posting such profane celebratory comments is degrading to America and will only anger those involved and promote more terrorism. It's over. Move on...celebrating in honor of the memory of those that had died is one thing. Anger fueled by a need for revenge is another. It's wrong to celebrate a death to the point where American's forget who we are and what we stand for.
We are not a heartless country. We stand strong as one and support each other. His death will bring change, but we are yet to see if this change will be good or bad. I will not celebrate death. I will not celebrate until the changes are for the better...until our families and friends serving for so long can return home and enjoy their future with their families...until the economy has a chance to re-bound and until the government does more to ensure the financial welfare of American's future generations. Taking out Osama in their eyes is ensuring our future, but it is only a band-aid covering an already festering wound in our country. Until more steps are taken, there will never be peace and prosperity. We have terrorists that are just as deadly in our own country. Families losing their homes, unable to feed their children and American's living on the street eventually pushed into suicide leaving behind more broken hearts. You want to celebrate? Instead of spending money on gas to drive your car, beer, balloons, clothing and parties to celebrate a death that has been claimed to have happened, donate to people that need help such as those affected by the Tornado outbreaks and flooding or those already homeless or in dire need due to the economy. Strengthen America here at home and strengthen our future to endure future attacks both here and that's worth celebrating!