Late Night Photography of a Luna Moth

There are nights when I try to get sleepy and it just doesn't work. I utilize this inconvenience by catching up on some of my website coding or photography editing. It was around 4am and I was finally feeling sleepy enough for bed. I walked past the sliding doors and there was a beautiful Luna Moth resting on the glass. I stood for a moment, transfixed and thought to myself, "Well so much for going to bed!".

I flew to my office and grabbed my camera and my 18-55mm lens. Since I don't currently own a macro lens, this is the only lens I own allowing me to get close to my subject or alot in the frame via the wide-angle. My battery is usually kept charged in my Nikon D40, so I was ready to go. It was a warm night with a mild chill in the air. I crept outside and took several photographs of this gorgeous moth. I gently coaxed it to trust me to gently move it by placing a finger under it's legs. I wanted to move it to a better backdrop. Due to touch damaging a moth's wings, it took a few attempts. At no time did I wish to risk hurting it. Finally I succeeded and these are my photos:

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