Imploding Closet is Painful Irony

I've always been sort of a night owl. Sacrificing sleep to stay up late and get work done while the world is quiet. Tonight, a strong headache was affecting my ability to do my usual photo editing or cleaning around the house. I had decided to alter my usual routine and retire to bed early. My plan was to get up early, exercise and catch up on tonight's work. Instead I was reminded how fate can fall in your lap at random times. Sometimes painfully.

I was watching 50 First Dates, with Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler, on TV. It's one of those cute romantic comedies that make you think and wonder what it would be like to have a love like that. Anyway, sitting in bed in dreamer mode, I was proud of myself for choosing to go to bed early. Many nights I try in vain, but there is just so much work to do I avoid it.

Suddenly, there was a loud popping sound in the room. I deduced it was from my closet. My Husband and I had taken our time about organizing it after buying our house last year. My Husband spent the night Sunday finally finishing up his part of the closet. I have four cats and assumed one of them had chosen to explore the changes. Planning to spook them out and close the open door, I turned on the light. With no warning the top rack, with all its boxes, clothing and items came crashing down upon me. It was too heavy for me to support and my left ring finger received the majority of the blow. Painfully, I waited and then gently released the shelf. It hovered seeming to still be attached and was no longer moving. I began to consider options for supporting the broken section so dangerously close to me.

Then, with no warning, the rest of the shelf ripped itself from the wall with a violent thrashing of metal. Section-by-section, each piece bent and fell to the floor. I stood transfixed unable to comprehend the sheer insanity playing before me. It hesitated for a moment, much like the ill-fated titanic hovered midair before splitting moments before its final decent. Finally, the last section tore itself away from the wall bringing the last of the shelf's contents crashing violently to the floor.

Standing silently, with my mouth wide open, it took a moment to realize what I witnessed. So much for going to bed early. When my hands finally lowered from my open mouth, I felt pain in my left ring finger and realized how lucky I'd been. Remembering my finger, It was swollen, blue and burning like fire. Unsure whether or not it was broken I grabbed ice and splinted it. Realizing suddenly that my cats were the reason I'd entered in the first place, I flew around the house until I found them. Beyond thankful they were ok, I took a photo of the mess in the closet to email my Husband. He wasn't too thrilled.

I was instead, a mixture of tears and laughter. I reflected on the irony of the situation. A few inches farther and I would've been under all that weight. Had I been asleep, I'd have woken with a terror. Many scenarios were possible. Our closet may have just been fixed the way we wanted, but just as with life, everything is short. This situation, although simple, was a reminder of how quickly things can change. We must enjoy the happy moments while we can and never take them for granted. In an instant, fate can drop an unexpected mess in front of you. What's great is that even with the biggest mess, time heals all. Things will be back to normal and in the end the mess will make you stronger.

Update: Within the month, my Husband had hand built a much sturdier closet! Woot! :)
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