If a Woman Hits a Man, Should He Hit Back?

Source unknown. IF this is your image, please contact me.

Source unknown. IF this is your image, please contact me.

It is my personal belief that a man should NEVER hit a woman. It doesn't matter the situation. Men and women are both capable of domestic violence, but men are supposed to be MEN and control their tempers and walk away. The role of women has evolved over the centuries. Yes most Women want to be treated as man's equal, but no woman could ever hit a man with the same (possibly deadly) force that a man can hit with. Noone should be hitting anyone regardless of age, race or relationship. You have to realize that if one person hits the other and then they hit them back, it's never going to stop. It's the turn the other cheek principal. As for hitting, If things have escalated that far, then you need to find a proactive solution such as counseling, anger management, separation and in worse cases divorce. I've experienced abuse and I've seen what it can do to families and the people involved. It hurts everyone, not just the ones being hurt. Don't forget that children see or hear everything. What we do as adults teaches them it's ok and the cycle continues to another generation. It's never right, no matter who you are or where you are in a relationship. If you can't love and respect someone without hitting them, then you don't deserve them. Period.

"Isn't it ok if the woman hits me first?" 

She is in the wrong for hitting in the first place, but the man should have enough respect for women and self control not to hit back. That's why it's so hard to find a good man today...no gentlemen left! Women have slapped men for centuries for being a cad or taking liberties and it was never an issue. Our time period shouldn't be an exception. If the woman hit a man, the issue needs to be why...even if it's something stupid and that's what needs to be dealt with first. The energy that goes into hitting back could go into finding a solution so it doesn't happen again. Now if the women is just being a bully and hitting for no reason, then you press charges and let the law handle it so it doesn't happen to someone else.

"The law won't do anything! These 'papers' don't protect...they harm!"

Alot of times the 'paper' is enough for the person (male or female) to learn from their actions and will show them the severity where they learn to better control their actions in the future. The sad thing is that the paper and the law isn't always enough. That part you are right, but for different reasons. There are times where the law/paper isn't enough to control someone and the person that reached out for safety gets killed. Such as the case in recent years with that KY politician and his x. She was murdered even though there was a legal restraining order in effect. As a result they are working to make the laws better and have been working so that offenders wear an ankle bracelet alerting them when the dangerous person is nearby. I can understand wanting to hit a woman back for hitting you, but you have to look at the bigger picture. I had a guy grab my butt once at a concert. My first instinct was to slap him, wrong or not that's what I did. Shouldn't that have made it ok for him to hit me back? Instead he realized his behavior was inappropriate and he actually apologized for touching me. I apologized for slapping him and that was that. Hopefully in the future he'll conduct himself with more respect towards women. I shouldn't have hit him, but sometimes people don't always catch themselves when they are angry. If a man is angry and hits a woman out of angry impulse, they have less control over their strength. A man could seriously injure or accidentally kill a woman. This is where the main difference lies. Men can hit with a blow that no woman could dish out now matter how 'manly' she is. Except maybe female body builders! Regardless, it's never a good idea to hit anyone unless your defending yourself for your own safety. Even then you're taking a big risk. Someone always wins and loses. So don't start playing and you won't be involved in a game that could be your last!

"What if the woman hits below the belt?"

It's not right if it's on purpose with NO reason other than to be funny. In that situation, it's still not right to hit a woman back no more than for her to kick unless it's deserved. If I was a guy then I'd never have anything to do with her again and I'd make sure my 'buddies' knew to watch their privates. If the man touched her or something inappropriate I can see that reaction being normal. It's still not right, but what is a man to do...kick a woman between the legs? It's not going to achieve the same reaction and in the end you're both wrong. Someone has to stand up and be the adult...even if it takes the man a few minutes to recover after that! The reason women tend to subconsciously take advantage of that location is it normally makes a man unable to hit back which is safer if the man has done something dangerous to begin with like grab a woman inappropriately. Doesn't make it right, but blame nature/God for giving us different privates.

"What about the woman being physically aggressive to start trouble?"

As for woman ripping off a guys shirt or something to create fake trouble for a guy, that's when she needs to be made to hit the road. No longer a friend or lover and no longer allowed around the person. That kind of craziness needs to be reported or ignored. No since giving them the trouble they want or any excuses to make things worse. Abuse is abuse whether male or female which is why I say rather than to hit the woman, give her a chance by warning her. If she still insists on hitting you or pushing the issue without acting like an adult then it's her own fault. Be the adult and walk away and never look back!

So, what are your stories and what is your opinion regarding whether or not a man should hit a woman if first hit by the woman?


I recently was involved in a discussion about this very subject on Facebook. I wasn't aware how strongly opinionated people can be over the issue. It is obvious that the values regarding how a man should treat a woman in 'modern' society have evolved. I wanted to share my opinions on the subject to see what comments the public had regarding such an important issue. If you post an interesting question I will add it to this post with an answer. Keep comments respectful or they will be deleted!

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