Safe and Late is Better Than Dead

Wow, what lovely experienced drivers we have. Pardon my moment of sarcasm and mini rant. I just endured another dangerous situation while driving and the injustice has inspired me to speak out.

Our home is located on a country road with a double yellow line. I'd just returned home from getting my kids. In my Chevy HHR, I was in the right lane, slowing to turn left. Thankfully I'm paranoid when driving due to past experiences. In a last second glance to my side mirror, quick use of my brakes was required. A huge, newer model, full-size truck had decided to pass me in the left lane despite my signal and literally proceeding to turn. Like a giant Mammoth they raced towards me quickly growing larger in my mirror. I honked my horn like a psycho as they passed. They were flying. There was no chance for a license ID or verification if it was a Chevy or Ford, but I know it was one of the two. I was so angry and disgusted. Had I not had my kids, I'd have followed the 'idiot' to obtain the plate for the police. Maybe 'idiot' is a little harsh, but being safe and late is better than dead or killing someone else. Honestly, I can't think of one reason to justify this person's driving.

I have a personal reason to be even more upset after this experience. Several years ago, one of my Aunts had a severe wreck. She was casually returning home from a grocery trip to Bowling Green in her '92 Toyota Corolla. 68-80 is a two-lane double yellow line road just like mine. She'd signaled, slowed down and proceeded to turn. Suddenly, a truck comes from behind and slams into her in an attempt to pass. The wreck was severe enough to break her axel, bend her tires nearly horizontal to said axel, crush her door inward beyond the ability to open and more. Every inch if her car was totaled in an instant. Including her groceries. The force was so strong, her box of strawberries was liquified. She survived, but was quite sore and injured and her ribs were bruised and I think broken. It's been many years, so my memory is flawed. If I find the wreck photos, I'll update this post.

Point is, I hope this entry saves someone's life for it is all I am able to do in the situation. In the country, the police are rarely able to catch 'idiot' drivers due to the amount of backroads and police normally coming all the way from Glasgow. It's a shame people still don't know any better and more so that they continue to take their life and the life of others for granted. Consider this the next time you're driving and be careful. You never know when it will be a trip that could alter a life (or lives) forever...
Amber FlowersComment