Kentucky's Bluegrass Cellular to Carry iPhone 4S


Starting tomorrow, May 18th, wireless company Bluegrass Cellular, will soon be providing service for the popular iPhone. Long awaited by customers, the new iPhone offering will likely increase the amount of customers the Kentucky provider currently services.

Earlier this month, emails from Bluegrass Cellular were sent to all customers in their database previewing plans for future services. The email led those interested to the following page on Bluegrass Cellular's website:

. This page contained many details about the iPhone 4S, but did little to explain pricing or plan options. It did however provide those interested with an available notification email sign-up form.

Across the internet, many websites are sharing their opinions regarding Bluegrass Cellular's new phone offering. Many even detail currently known pricing and phone offerings. A small entry on Bluegrass Cellular's website correctly details the current plan options:

Not satisfied with vague internet details, I chose to contact Bluegrass Cellular's customer service. I have been a customer for many years, but recently had planned to switch to AT&T in June due to my contract expiring and wanting an iPhone 4s. After one call, I had found answers to many of my questions and others sent to me:

Can I renew my current plan or contract and purchase the iPhone 4s?

I was told that you may renew your contract if it is within limits of expiration. Since mine was due in June, I would be allowed to keep my current plan.

Will there be a discount for purchasing a 2yr contract as with same phones in the past?

No, as these phones are already discounted.

How much will these phones cost?

iPhone 4 will be $49, iPhone 4s will be $149 for 16GB, $249 for 32GB and $349 for 64GB.

Can I keep my current unlimited talk, SMS and data plan and still renew/purchase a contract with the iPhone/iPhone 4s?

You can keep your current plan and upgrade to the new phone depending upon your current contract expiration timing and other restrictions may exist. Contact your local store.

What if I want to tether/wireless hotspot my iPhone/iPhone 4s to say an ipad2?

You can for an additional fee, but will be unable to keep your unlimited plan and will be required to select a new one (currently was told the 3,000MB data). This means you will need to decide if it's more important to have unlimited data and avoid potential overages or to have the ability to share your connection with other devices such as an iPad or laptop while on the road.

Those thinking of tethering just for an iPad and saving the money to get a smaller phone, might as well just use the apps you need the most on the iPhone via a larger GB size than to risk data overages for the sake of hotspot. Thankfully wi-fi spots are increasing.

These additional details, provided by customer service, show just how exciting this news is to current, former and potential Bluegrass Cellular customers. AT&T does not currently offer an unlimited data service which has resulted in overage charges for many customers. Their salvation was offering the iPhone and rollover minutes. As a result of smaller carriers such as Bluegrass Cellular changing the game, AT&T may need to bring something new to their plans.

The question remains - should you update your phone to the new iPhone 4S or remain with your current device? For those who already own an iPad or other Apple technology, the answer is definitely. Not everyone has experienced what this technology can do, but those who I've asked have said they couldn't live without their iPhone. Not only does it provide talk, SMS and data such as with other phones, the iPhone 4S offers an incredible 8MP camera, Siri which is a voice recognition assistant, millions of apps for business or personal use, full web browsing, FaceTime, music, videos, photos, find your phone, games, books and more. Learn more directly from Apple's website:

Will there be enough iPhone's to go around during Friday's release?

The representative replied that there were enough ordered to cover not just Friday, but for at least a few months. Sounds like Bluegrass Cellular is anticipating a large influx of buyers. At least now all the rumors and requests have finally been laid to rest. Judging by the amount of comments on Bluegrass Cellular's Facebook, people are excited and interested. As a result of the impending interest, Bluegrass is even adding additional hours according to their Facebook page:

"Bluegrass Cellular stores will be open EXTRA hours this weekend to celebrate out latest phone launch! Come join us!

Friday - 8 AM to 8 PM

Saturday - 9 AM to 8 PM

Sunday - 12 Noon to 5 PM"

Do you plan to upgrade to the new iPhone 4S? Why or why not?


Disclaimer: I have not been paid by Apple or Bluegrass Cellular nor were the answers quotes. They are repeated from memory from a phone call with a trained Bluegrass Cellular customer service representative. Contact your local store to learn more as prices, plans and details may differ from my information or may change at anytime.