Speeding is Rewarded with Bluelights

I live on a two-lane back-road in the country with a speed limit of 55MPH. Generally people don't follow these limits in the country, but people tend to thankfully arrive safely despite breaking the law. Yesterday, on the way to VBS at my church, a driver swiftly appeared in my rear-view dangerously close to my bumper. The fancy black Volkswagen was so close, I was for a moment remembering the 'objects are closer than they appear' warning on vehicle mirrors. I forced myself to avoid allowing fear to influence me and allowed adrenaline to help me keep focus. Suddenly, they swerved around me to my left passing me. They practically were pushing me off the road due to their reckless proximity. Apparently, me driving 55MPH wasn't enough to suit their needs. As the car passed, I kept my nerves and glanced to my left and saw it was a male driver. Time suddenly stopped. Our eyes met for seconds and he grinned as if proud of his irresponsibility. My mouth dropped at his utter amount of selfish inferiority and I glared at him hoping he could read my mind. Infuriated I blasted obscenities, with my car horn, as I watched the guy pass me. His response was to wave his hand out his sunroof as if to say "goodbye loser" or "good luck catching me".

Since speeding is such a common occurrence in the country, I don't tend to freak out if the person is doing so safely such as braking on curves, hills and only minor speeding such as 5-10MPH over. This doesn't excuse it, but I can't throw stones when we've all drove slightly over the limit at times of emergency. This doesn't make it right, but how many drivers can swear they've drove exactly perfectly at limit? We're human, we forget and we don't realize the implications of dangerous driving when we're running late.I've even seen police sometimes do nothing as someone has passed me on interstate going obviously faster than my legal limit.Plus honestly, if I reported everyone I'd be on the phone constantly! Otherwise, I have no qualms with reporting a driver. Some may see me as a 'rat', but I see it as potentially saving the life of the irresponsible driver and the innocents they could harm or kill.

My next thoughts were how could this guy be so stupid to drive this way in an age with digital devices to capture the idiocy as evidence? When so many drivers have cellphones with no qualms about reporting dangerous driving to the police? What this guy didn't know is that I'm not just some safe woman driver. I'm a Mother. My children were with me and that's one thing you don't do is mess with a Mother and her children. My Daughter is 5yrs old and of the age that she knew he was driving unsafe. She even yelled at him to slow down and asked me "Why he do that?" Knowing full well that she would be watching my actions, I told her, "I don't know why he did that. What he did was wrong and how he was driving was dangerous. I need you guys to be quite soon so I can call the Police. He could hurt or kill another driver and I'm thankful that God protected us aren't you?" She told me, "Yes Mommy, he bad driber." She was right.

I was furious that my Daughter had to witness such senseless immaturity and that this guy was so reckless to risk the lives of my children and possibly someone else. So I followed him. I couldn't speed with my children with me or I'd be just as bad an example as he was. I could although, follow behind him and pray that I could keep him in my sight so I could report him. After he passed me, I got a glance at his license plate and repeated it over and over in my head. "### ###" I kept thinking to myself, praying that I'd not forget these important numbers. I saw him ahead of me a few times. Each time flying just as fast upon another driver and many times passing on a curve or hill where it's most dangerous and narrowly missing another car.

The longer I drove, the more I saw and the more my resolve was determined. We were both driving on the same road into the same direction leading into Glasgow, KY. I chose to wait until we were closer to town before reporting him. Maybe not the best idea in case something happened, but something told me that by waiting, he'd be close enough to town to better ensure they could catch him. I approached the 45MPH section of Green Valley on HWY 90 and decided now was the best opportunity in case he took the interstate ramps instead of going into town. Using Siri on my iPhone, I called the Glasgow Police Department.

"Glasgow Police Department", said the female voice.

I replied, "I'd like to report a driver. License plate ### ###, black newer model Volkswagen, possibly 4-door, male driver. I'm on HWY 90 and just passed Green Valley RD." I heard her typing my information.

"Ok, what was the driver doing?", asked the dispatcher.

"I was driving 839 to HWY 90. He was speeding and driving recklessly. He approached me dangerously close from behind and recklessly passed on a curve. He drove the same way around other drivers the few times I could keep him in my sights. When he did it to me, I honked my horn and he stuck his hand out the sunroof waving as if it was funny. I am tailing him now as he has two cars in front. I'm now in front of JR Foods at the end of HWY 90."

I heard her relay the information to the police cars and ask if there was any that could be in route towards a reckless drive coming into Glasgow from HWY90. While I was on the phone, a Sheriff car passed me in a hurry below Gorin Park. Apparently, the black car had a guilty conscious because suddenly, they swerved and turned right, into Gorin Park, with no regards to the car behind them and in front of me. As this happened, I was at the same time telling the dispatcher that the Sheriff car just passed him and he just swerved into Gorin park. She relayed and in the rear-view, the car spun around in a parking lot and came back quickly catching up to him in Gorin Park. I heard the radio mention something about having another car come to assist. She took down my information in case they needed additional information. Finally, apprehended I thanked her for her assistance and she thanked me and I got off the phone. I am so thankful to our local Police for their swift response to my call. I have alot of respect for our emergency services, despite the lack of respect that some people so wrongly display. They risk their lives daily, losing so much valuable family time just so that we can enjoy relative peace and protection. Their prompt action, helped provide peace of mind and hope that he will learn to be less selfish and will drive safer in the future.

My adrenaline was still quite high the rest of my drive to church. I wondered for a few if I did the correct thing. This guy could have a family and a ticket or worse could ruin them. Then I told myself, driving so dangerously, it's his fault not mine. By reporting him, I may have saved a life. Hopefully, the police scared him enough that even if they let him off with a warning (since they didn't witness his actions other than Gorin Park), he'll realize that at any moment another driver could call the police and next time, he won't be so lucky. Point is, don't drive like an idiot in this modern digital age and not expect someone to be able to grab their smartphone and report it. Life is too short and too valuable to be so careless and selfish. Think of others when you are driving and be safe. Nothing in life is worth the eternal risk of a deadly wreck. Remember, you are in control of one of the most deadly and dangerous weapons man has created. Use your head. Late is better than dead.
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