Battles with Wasps and Overcoming Fear

Everyone just loves dramatic humor. So here's your laugh for the day at my expense:

I went to get the mail, dreading the daily contents. The delivery is usually quite destructive of an otherwise ordinary day. On this particular Monday, I found inside a bill. The dreaded and ugly reminder of due vehicle taxes. *Insert dark organ music* Flipping over this horrendous birthday gift, from our local government, I find a strange surprise. Apparently my old S-10 only requires $6. A happy and thankful deliverance from the stressful amount so normally a hindrance upon birthday plans. Then suddenly out of nowhere comes a huge red wasp. It dive-bombed me with dark intentions. I saw the red glowing in the hot summer sun like a fiery little devil. "Away from me" did I cry, "no not I"! Instead, like a crazy lady in need of an exorcism, I screamed and ran. Arms flailing in the air, my feet with strength of a chariot of horses launched me towards my door. Away I fled into my house, laughing at my serendipitous encounter with the big red wasp. Suddenly I realized, the bill was missing. The very one where everything starting. Alone it lay, in the hot sun of day. It waited for me, still and laughing saying come and get me if your fear is lacking. So alone I went, back into the battlefield waiting to hear the tax bill laughing. As I picked it up and looked around, I spoke to the wasp who was somewhere laughing, "Was that really necessary to scare me, I guess your day was bright as a canary!"

The truth in all of this, is I've spent my entire life terrified of wasps and bees. To the point of avoiding many summer activities until recent years. I'd grown up watching my Mother scream and run so it became ingrained into my psyche to run away screaming. Believe it or not, it's actually saved me from certain stinging many times over the years. The bulk of my fear began at around 8 or 12 years old when a bumble bee stung my head after becoming trapped in my hair. I swatted thinking I could kill or remove it, but obviously, that didn't work. I was painfully stung and cried for my Grandmother to come rescue me. After that, she cut my hair short so I'd not worry so much. I'm now 27 and I've learned that while occasionally forgetting your faculties and screaming into the horizon is OK, for the most part it's merely a silly display of fear. Also, that I need bees for my garden to provide it's luscious food. Still not sure why God made wasps though. I'm sure they have a purpose, or they'd not exist.

Last summer, I was stung by a red wasp for the first time. I'd been walking around barefoot as I've done most of my life with surprising luck avoiding podiatry dangers. After years believing I would die if I was stung by a bee or wasp I discovered a strange realization from the experience. True, the pain was the end of everything I knew in that moment, but despite all my fear it wasn't really as bad as I'd feared. My foot burned and ached as if I was walking on a searing bed of hot rocks...the pain wasn't eternal. My vein closest to the sting began swelling and throbbing as if molten lava coursed though it. I screamed for my Husband who was on the mower at the time. He eventually heard me and with ice and first aid, it finally went away. The sting left behind soreness as if I was bruised and burning for several hours. Also a healthy dose of reality to buy Vibram Fivefingers if I still plan to go barefoot! Still awaiting funding for that nugget of wisdom.

As for the allergies, I'm still allergic, but with prompt action it doesn't appear I'm 'deathly' allergic as my childhood fears believed. I still avoid them and still sometimes run like an idiot, but now I try to face them when I can. When trapped on my porch with a wasp between me and my only exit I do something I never used to do. I stand strong and angry and tell it, "I don't have time for this! Leave me alone and go away!". In the back of my mind, I'm remembering God watches over us and I have faith that I can be strong and be safe. Sofar the greatest thing I've learnt from this experience is that everything in life is either a stumbling block or a stepping stone depending how you perceive it. Don't allow fear to seep away your sanity. Face those fears for life is too short to avoid situations due to fear. Don't let fear consume you. Fight the fear and be brave.
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