With no warning, time is motionless. Broken like an hourglass shattered upon the ground. A fog surrounds the mind creating the illusion of time standing still. It seems there is never enough light to force away the darkness. No end-of-tunnel salvation. Only the realization that in the end you are alone in the darkness. Only your shadow is your companion. Yet, this darkness is so complete even your shadow has failed you here. The sound of your heartbeat rages in your ears. Flashes of your life suddenly the only existence. You watch and remember. You feel cold. So cold. You feel like you are sinking slowly into the unknown. For a moment all is silent. The only sound in the darkness is that created from your thoughts. A mist of uncertainty at the future which remains unknown. A slow, soothing acceptance. Then a force begins to pull at you. You feel warmth tingling in your limbs as your body rises higher and higher. The will to survive suddenly stronger than the gravity that forces your descent. Violently, you break the surface. You endure the fire in your chest as you open your mouth to breath. You are thankful for the pain. Thankful to no longer be descending into the dark abyss of death via a watery grave...thankful because to feel pain is to know you are ALIVE.

Amber FlowersComment