Jurassic Park Finally 'Dug Up' to Be Seen in 3-D

As a child, I remember first seeing Jurassic Park in the theater with my uncle. We were both into science. I was at an age where I loved dinosaurs and my plan was to grow up and be a Geologist and work along side Paleontologists in the middle of nowhere to make the greatest discovery known to man (or woman!).

I remember being told that this movie had effects unlike anything else. I was warned to not be scared. I was around 8 and thankfully at the age of avoiding being gullible, but had no idea just how realistic the animatronics and computer animation were until I actually saw it. My initial experience with the movie was love for the music. Then came the early scene where they arrive via jeep and you see the first dinosaur. Both doctor's reactions were so believable and real. When the camera turned and I saw it, I cried at the beauty and incredible realism. For a moment, I forgot I was watching a movie and believed my wildest imaginings with dinosaurs came true. It was incredible. I still have the same emotional reaction even now.

My children had recently finally reached the age of loving dinosaurs. Lorna is 5 and Tristan is 3. Maybe JP isn't the greatest movie for children due to the animal violence, but I don't believe that exposure to the violence in nature should be suppressed. They have seen spiders eat fly's, pets die, witness loved ones in a casket and know and understand about life and death. I would rather them learn and understand from their parents than from society. So what I did, was to have them both sit with me and watch the 'making of' feature first to see how they would react to the realism and to better understand they weren't real. I answered questions and they asked to watch the movie so we did. Together.

I did however, not allow them to watch the Lawyer die. At least not the first time. Both understood it was a movie. I was so proud of them for asking questions and sharing with me that they did understand it wasn't real. Lorna even told me I was silly once that it was "just a movie Mommy" when I'd asked her if the T-Rex was scary.

My children ended up following in my footsteps. Just as I did, they have been watching JP on repeat. As of today, they've seen all three and watch them over and over. Today, I found out that JP will be coming back to theaters in 3-D! I'm so excited! This will be one very expensive family night. I'm going to find them both a dinosaur costume if I can and make a big event out of it. One of our most favorite movies returning to the screen is an exciting event totally worth a big celebration. I look forward to showing them the tickets! My only issue is that now I feel so old! 20 year anniversary of JP makes me 28. Now that's scarier than a T-rex! :)

Jurassic Park April 5th, 2013!!

Official website: http://www.jurassicpark.com/

Update April 2013: We went to see the 3D version as a family. It was INCREDIBLE! I was like a kid again. Everything was new. There were parts of the movie that you miss in flat 2D. Definitely worth the cost of conversion and an overpriced 3D ticket in a tiny, run-down theater! It was so real that my kids were actually scared of them and covering their eyes.
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