Bearded is the New Sexy?

Bearded lady? No worries, it's just bubbles! ;)

Beard. Goatee. One word of fuzzy perfection to entice smiles of longing in women. Very few men can't pull off a beard. In fact, beards tend to lend the air of maturity and mystique with a dash of prestige and wisdom. Beards endow men with endless possibilities by providing a fuzzy canvas for self-expression. Beards are also sexy. Very sexy. Something so sensual and taboo about running fingers through a well groomed beard or feeling the tickle of a beard during a soft or possessive kiss. Goatees also have their own power. Kind of a kinky mix of rebellion and manhood. Like the vintage rusty car you've wanted all your life and can't keep your hands off of once you finally obtain the gorgeous machine. A man with facial hair is like a well oiled machine meant to be enjoyed and admired for its ingenuity and attention to detail. Even in history, a man's beard or hair was a symbol of power. It was in the bible (Samson)  and still exists in many cultures.

As I've gotten older, I've realized I have a fetish. A true visual addiction to something quite strange...or in my case quite fuzzy! Beards are just hot. I was never one of those girls to be screaming and fainting over big muscles (or other Freudian areas), but I do enjoy men with sensually chiseled muscles such as a Roman Gladiator. Steroid types are nothing to me. Take a healthy grown man that has enhanced his physique with regular activity and chiseled just the right amount of muscles and it's walking perfection. Add a beard or goatee and it's something beautiful and hard to resist. Add long hair to the mix and well, I just might faint! I have no other way to explain this strange phenomenon besides the words of sarcasm and grandeur inside this post. My assumption is that it must stem for a primordial urge to procreate passed down through the ages. Why else has evolution not abolished such hair on men unless it's helped fuel the desire required to obtain and bed the perfect mate to ensure continuation of our species? All I know is I'm an addict and I am not complaining. Thankfully my Husband has a beard and long hair to entice my addiction. Meow!!

My Husband

The irony in my aforementioned realization is that each serious relationship I've had has involved a man with facial hair, usually a goatee or beard. Even the crush of my life. Strange how such an unrealized common occurrence can happen. Men tend to focus on the eyes, hair color or other superficial features of women. I guess women have evolved to appreciate and lust for men instead of boys.  Men of the world, get to growing! :)

Any other women out there who agree, comment on my blog! I want to know how bad your fetish is and how long you've known and if you keep that secret to yourself.

So what's so sexy about beards? See for yourself on my 'Fuzzy' Pinterest board! The hottest guys exist here! :)

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