Message to the Men of the World

How sweet! Doodled for me by my Husband.
Men of the world, this rant is for you. Yet again, I had a guy on social media hit on me by very bluntly asking if I had a man. My profile clearly states 'married'. The issue here is not with the line of questioning, but with the lack of respect and intelligence involved. Men, understand something. Women are intelligent and we want intelligence in a man. Do not ever assume that all women are easy and you can just request a relationship status and then expect them to fall for you. Maybe a few of the desperate women out there will be flattered, but the majority of women will instead feel insulted at the lack of respect and you will lose your man status by looking inconsiderate and unintelligent. Why? Because if you have been on our friend's list for any length of time, then you should've already read the profile and got to know the women some. Not enough knowledge to be creepy stalker type, but enough to where an obvious question such as a relationship status isn't required. In fact, you are wasting your time by even starting such a conversation. Any woman that is married or not desperate will perceive your inquiry as an idiotic and chicken way to dig for information in an attempt to acquire a date or other typical future relationship intent. They will also feel insulted at not being treated like a lady. No gentleman asks such a thing unless the lady has already expressed an interest.

Realize men, that if you don't have the foresight to determine a relationship status and your only conversation is regarding relationship status, then you look petty and desperate. You will be perceived as the type of guy who's shallow interest is based upon a profile photo and nothing more substantial. If you are truly searching for a mate, I understand and applaud your efforts. Just don't ever assume that a women is stupid or not worth the investment of your time to get to know her.  If there is any lust involved, the relationship would not be satisfying anyway and would promptly end once needs were met. Short term satisfaction is nothing compared to the beauty of a soul-mate once found. Stop trying so hard to impress and dig for information. Just learn more about the woman and above all, be a friend!

Lastly, if you are in fact considering an obsession or stalking a woman, seriously don't bother. There are so many women in the world that none are deserving of such creepy and dangerous intentions. You may be thinking innocent thoughts, but human nature has a way of being very deadly when faced with protecting an interest. Be careful and seek help before ruining the life of the innocent women for whom you are so enamored. If you really care for someone, you will be more concerned with their best interest than with your selfish intentions.

Best of luck to you men of the world. May your soul-mate be more than you imagined and your patience and respect be rewarded.
Amber FlowersComment