The Truth of Creativity

I'm often asked how I write so creatively or capture my photographic adventures. The truth is to avoid the temptation to allow fear to touch you. Write and speak the truth. Capture the shot regardless if you have to climb a muddy hill, get soaked in the rain or your skin ripped by briars. I'm not promoting danger, I'm simply encouraging the reality that if you are held back by fear, you will not capture that which you seek. If you fail to speak the truth, there will only be words obscured by the reality which they contain. My writing and photography is only as beautiful as the truth. The truth of my words is what I see expressed exactly as I see it...the same with my photography. Learn to listen to your soul and your mind. Only then will you be free to express the truth for others to embrace into their soul and be inspired as I try to do with all my work. ♥

Amber FlowersComment