Louisville Church Bans Boy Scout Troop Due to Council Vote to Allow GayYouth

Source: Wikipedia Commons

Source: Wikipedia Commons

My local news station, WBKO, in Bowling Green, KY recently posted an article on Facebook. Apparently, the board of elders of Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, KY recently broke ties with Troop #212 due to the council's nationwide decision to allow gay youth into the scouts (yet still not allow gay leaders!).  In my opinion, that's so narrow minded. Many scouts are children, so sex and sexual orientation is an issue they won't even need or have potential to address until they are teens or older. I'm not sure the age of this troop, but if they are kids, all they'll know is a church made them go away and they won't understand why. This will result in distrust towards church which will be a worse 'sin' than risking that maybe a member of troop #212 is gay. The most important fact to understand is there are scouts of all ages and ALL sexual orientations. Many have had to hide their humanity just to fit in or risk being expelled. How is that teaching our youth to grow up being themselves and to love others as they are if we are teaching discrimination even though church? Besides, shouldn't this situation been put to a vote with the church members and troop's families rather than decided by the board of elders?

Honestly, it's about time that the organization had a more open mind considering the changes in society. Had they not been so discriminatory, there would never have been an issue anyway. There's a difference between being gay and openly gay. It's like the guy that gets drunk on Saturday, but is a example of perfection at his job during the week. Just because he gets drunk on Saturday, is his business provided he doesn't go to work boasting about it or allow it to affect his job or coworkers. As for this church, I find this absolutely ridiculous! So much for Christianity...I assume they also ask every church attendee if they are gay & force them to leave? If I was in that troop, I'd fight it! Unless members in a troop are openly gay in such a way as to be affecting the troop, such as via distraction or inappropriate actions then what does it honestly matter? How does anyone truly know if there is someone gay or bisexual in their troop, church, school or workplace? Society has no idea how many people are actually gay and hiding it. Regardless, something seems too narrow-minded with this situation. I'd hope our small town doesn't one day do something so shallow. It's not right to punish an entire troop. I truly hope this 'discrimination' doesn't spread across the country. Otherwise, the victory won via the council's long awaited vote will have been for nothing.

Of course this church is no stranger to controversy. In an news article from 2004, they spent $150,000 on an ad campaign to encourage the union of man and woman. How can a church claim to be helping others when they so quickly spend such an large amount that could be better used elsewhere? I'm sure the starving children or homeless really care about the right of sexual orientation!

Why do I care? I was raised in Southern Baptist churches. My Daughter and I are Girl Scouts and my Husband is a childhood Eagle Scout and planning to enroll our son when he's old enough. The debate on sexual orientation is getting out of hand. When religion and humanity clash, that is a situation more in need of prayer than sexual urges and rights. I truly hope future generations know better than to judge.

Update September 2013:

I have since pulled my daughter from Girl Scouts and stopped volunteering. On multiple occasions I was treated rudely and talked about behind my back. This wasn't due to sexual orientation, but because I was not 'liked' just like a high school 'clique'. I felt that such drama was not a good influence for my daughter and didn't even fit the 'ideals' of Girls Scouts. So heart-brokenly, I talked with her and she didn't like how they'd treated me either and so understood. I made her  promise to take her hiking and on adventures more fun than any she'd miss!