I was Hacked! When Facebook and Twitter Fails to Protect

Source: mkhmarketing  http://www.flickr.com/photos/mkhmarketing/8546850049/

Source: mkhmarketing http://www.flickr.com/photos/mkhmarketing/8546850049/

Multiple times over the last few weeks, I'd began receiving password notices from my Apple iTunes account. These are the typical email notices received when an account owner clicks the 'lost password' link when attempting to access an account. When the first was received, I wasn't worried since my Husband and I often share my account to download apps. Then, the frequency of these emails made it obvious that someone was attempting to hack my account.

Thankfully, I've knowledge of hacking and computer issues so I was immediately on alert. There were no changes to accounts, yet I remained vigilant. Suddenly, early today my Twitter and Facebook accounts were hacked. Both during the same time frame. At first, it was Twitter who posted spam in my name. Since Twitter is linked to my personal Facebook account, this spam also was posted on my wall. Then, these same spam messages were posted to both of my business pages as if it was the page that had posted them. Not cool.

I was immediately aware of the hacking and within moments had deleted the spam and again changed my passwords. Here's the cool part.

Yes, I said cool in reference to my hacking because I'm actually impressed.

Rather than just a lame email hacking, this instance was much smarter. Like many Facebook users concerned with privacy, my account is set up to only allow access by me. Any attempt to access Facebook from a new browser or device requires that I use a security code that Facebook generates and sends to my mobile phone to verify the unknown browser. This means that the hacker would've had to bypass that security for I never received a login code. The other, more disturbing possibility is that the hacker had access to the browsers or devices that I regularly use and had already granted access to. Interesting.

Such juvenile attempts to hack into the lives of a complete stranger are irritating, but at times such as this one can be impressive. I guess I should be honored that I have enough contacts to justify the trouble, but yet why bother? In my opinion, if you have such amazing skills, why do such lame hacking? Instead, do something to benefit mankind or to better justify the time and trouble. Were my hacking skills to ever progress to such a level I would not attempt to hack the profiles of others unless it was required to save the life of someone. I would find ways to use my skills in a way that would be worthy of the knowledge. This is not a threat or an ultimatum to the person(s) responsible, only a request for a call to action to benefit the future generations of hackers. Consider hacking profiles the minimum wage fast food job. You got skills, so use them. I'd love to know how you bypassed Facebook's default security as I'm sure many would agree.

As for Twitter, this has also been a common issue for them as of late, so most users regularly update their password. Even if this was caused by Apple's iOS6, there should still be better protocol in place by companies such as Facebook and Twitter and a better system to immediately notify the account holder and hold accounts.  I'd love to know what Facebook has to say about this instance of hacking. Why should Facebook bother improving security only to have that security hackable? If a computer-savvy user can be hacked despite the setup of a system designed to prevent unauthorized use, then why bother with consistently failed redesign? Come on Facebook, up your game or be left in the dust like MySpace.