The Flaw of the Modern Day Church

Church. With one word, the first thought for many is sanctuary. Religion has benefits for those who believe and remain faithful. Yet, times have changed and church is no longer as important as it once was. It's becoming harder for churches to get members in the door and even harder to encourage them to stay.

So much effort and expense goes into marketing the church in order to attract more people for a larger congregation under the guise of saving souls. If you attend, they mail a thank you letter. If you become reoccurring they request that you serve either with the children and youth or another area. You enjoy it there so are happy to commit.

Everyone is so loving and nice. What happens when you have bad times?
Usually churches will help out with a potluck or prayers. What happens when you can no longer attend due to financial difficulty? Nothing. There are no more hello letters. There is no calls or contact to check on your family. Also, WAY too much emphasis is put on tithe. Money is tight and to consistently speak about money will scare away those who most need the love of fellowship and faith of religion

So much effort is spent on bringing people into church, but forgotten when they leave. If people were truly important to the church then where are the letters and calls that were so friendly before? Think about it churches of the world - this includes all religions. If you suddenly stopped attending church and no one checked on you, would you feel needed or special? Would you feel important or value your church relationship enough to return? Something to consider...
Amber FlowersComment