Be Unique as a Four-Leaf Clover

Most people spend years searching, but never finding a four-leaf clover. Others like me are strangely gifted with the ability to find them so frequently they almost become common. This morning was another occasion where several were found. I had a random thought...everyone thinks four-leaf clovers are unique. The find so much joy in discovering one. They are prized because they're not as common among the larger group of 'average' three-leaf clovers. Why is it that society finds something as simple as 'different' clovers unique and yet children with Autism and special needs, the elderly or disabled aren't equally respected for their differences? What about people of other colors, races and nationalities? Even people of different social classes face the same persecution. Sure, finding four-leaf clovers is fun and they're unique, but what about the unique qualities present in humanity? There's plenty of uniqueness to be found within them and we are lucky to know someone who is outside the box. It's important to realize that these differences come from choice or the hand they were dealt at birth or due to circumstances outside their control. If society would stop expecting them to be 'common' and take a moment to look for the unique...four-leaf clovers are more 'common' than you think!

Unfortunately, the reality of society is that changes take generations to be obvious. This doesn't mean changes shouldn't happen, just that they would be more successful if we tried harder. Take our President for example. Regardless of his experience or knowledge or ability to do his job, he will always be remembered for being the first African American President. Rather than appreciate the history of this occasion, some people are instead focusing on racism and negativity. What will this accomplish? Will this fix our unstable economy, create more jobs or house the homeless? More importantly, is the unique set of circumstances that lead this historic occasion and the changes for the future due to them. Whether racist or not, this should inspire humanity to believe anything is possible. Unfortunately, racism is present even all these years later despite the changes in the 60's regarding segregation. This issue also affects those with different religious beliefs or sexual orientations such as Gay Rights' fight to legalize marriage. Many years ago, African Americans (or other nationalities) would've never imagined being on TV or starring in movies. The same for Gay or Lesbians. The same for people with special needs or disabilities. Society is moved by these portrayals and performances, yet ignores and persecutes these people in real life. How many generations will it take to learn acceptance and respect?

Another unfortunate example of society's inability to quickly adapt is the placement of handicap provisions. I was recently in a large bathroom of a high-class establishment. The atmosphere was immaculate and not at all what you'd expect for a public bathroom. As I looked around, I noticed the handicapped stall all the way in the back. This was a large bathroom with over 10 stalls and it got me to thinking. It's great that more places are finally stepping up and providing ramps and special access for the handicapped, but unless you have been or know someone handicapped you can't know how much better these accommodations could be designed. These people are trapped in those chairs and required to roll themselves around all day. Why should they have to roll any farther just to reach the stall and then have to fight with gravity just to position themselves? They already have to roll across the store to the back just to find the bathroom. I'm not saying wheelchairs resist in helpless humans, only that as common as disabilities are among all ages and all nationalities, not everyone is in as great shape. Don't see my point? I dare you to borrow a wheelchair and go to your local mall or attempt your usual daily routine and see what I mean. If you do, post a comment below with your experience and opinion.

Think also smaller, of the youth being persecuted and taught by society that it's OK to make fun of someone fat without knowing if it's due to a disease, put down a girl because she's smart or for a guy to break a girl's heart just to look 'cool'. I know these are all things that are a part of 'life' and some even consider as a 'right-of-passage'. I find this primitive behavior and thinking. We are all unique and different with a purpose. If we were all vanilla, life would get boring fast. It's time for society to respect those differences and stop focusing on outer appearances. At the end of the day, a common three-leaf clover and an unique four-leaf clover is still nothing more than a clover . Likewise, no matter how different we are in our beliefs, skin color, sexual orientation, financial status or mental capacity: WE ARE ALL HUMAN.
Amber FlowersComment