Breaking Dawn -The Movie & Time Alone

Yesterday, my Husband and I had a much needed day alone. A long-overdue date. Our date's beginning didn't start as planned. Originally, we were to attend the 12:50pm showing of Twilight: Breaking Dawn, Part 2. Unfortunately it sold out that morning despite having only sold half the tickets the night before. I'd advised Brandon to purchase them in advance, but he'd forgotten due to exhaustion from working 12hrs 3rd shift a week straight. I didn't see the logic in paying extra to order them online.

We called the theatre on the way there to confirm the time was available. They informed us that it had sold out, but there were still 20 left for 3:30pm. So I drove us there as fast and safely as legally possible. A mere 10-15 minutes elapsed and already they were sold out of those too. Then, the next showing at 6:50 thankfully had a pair left last minute. So we purchased and left after we informed our babysitter (thank you Sheryl) that plans had changed to ensure it was still OK.

Since we had lots of time left, I drove over to Bridals of Reggis Park. I had put a dress on layaway a long time ago with the intention of wearing it to our wedding. Unfortunately, circumstances resulted in a change of plans. I'd decided to pay off the remaining balance, which ended up being more than I'd remembered, but there are no refunds so I had little choice. I'm now faced with the decision to keep this dress or sell it. I'm still undecided if I will be getting another dress and having the wedding I missed, wearing this one or just forgetting about a wedding and selling it. The Bridal Consultant ended up asking those magic words, "Do you want to try it on?" I of course accepted the offer and moments later was again wearing the dress that I'd last tried on 20+lbs heavier. It was weird to see my reflection with that sparkly, vintage ivory confection draped around my flesh. Interesting to see the look on my Husband's face when he saw me wearing it. I'd already asked him if he wanted to see it since I don't really think the superstition applies when you're already married. He wants me to keep it and thinks that it suits me. Guess his opinion is leaning me in that direction more than anyone. I don't know. What do you think?

Next went to Burkes Outlet. It's like TJ Maxx mixed with Roses or something. I find cool stuff sometimes. I ended up finding a really warm vintage style wool coat for half the price. I tried it on and a lady looked at me and told me, "Cute coat!". I of course took that as a sign from fate that it must have suited me and brought it with me to show Brandon. He confirmed that it did suit me. I proceeded to explain why I didn't really need it (always trying to save money). His response was to offer to carry it while we looked around and eventually bought it and took off tag before I could complain. Too late now! Not that I mind, it is quite gorgeous. We also found some cute hats for the kids.

Finally, our stomachs were so hungry we had to go ahead and go eat despite other preferred errands. We ate at Los Mariachis. He ordered Dr. Pepper with steak and chicken fajitas and I ordered enchiladas rancheras with Mountain Dew. We sadly got the same thing as always. Not sadly due to taste, just due to lack of time preventing experimentation via tastebuds. For dessert, we got one of my favorites: 'fried' ice-cream.

20121118-185225.jpgAfter we ate, we went to Wal-mart. Brandon is working a second job part-time at Nestle stocking frozen Digorno and other pizza. He needed to get his shelves stocked so we parted ways and he did his job while I went to gather our groceries. I thought he looked quite cute stocking those shelves. I was just worried he'd be in trouble where we forgot his uniform shirt. My fault for my being OCD with the babysitter tips creating a distraction.

Finally, time was up and we left to go attend the movie. There was a crowd, but thankfully none were pushy or rude like with some experiences I've had. We were 20+ mins early, but still had problems finding a good seat. I ended up not having anyone to my right, but Brandon had a lady sit beside him with her male companion. She had so much perfume, my allergies were going nuts. There was a lady behind her that kept experiencing trifecta sneezes. I woke today with a cold so I'm not sure if it's due to allergy irritation or maybe the lady's sneezes weren't due to the other lady's perfume as I'd suspected. As for the movie, it was fabulous as expected. The visuals in the intro were gorgeous. Macro shots of frost and ice forming upon flowers and other beautiful scenes in tones of black, white and red. The movie (which I won't spoil with details) was watched by many VERY deeply interested viewers. There were screams, laughs and yells during many key moments. There was an obviously large amount of female audience when Jacob again takes off his shirt, but this time proceeds towards his pants to strip in order to illustrate his 'wolfy' reality to Bella's Dad Charlie. Talk about 'bark at the moon'! The ending is as surprising as was claimed via internet previews. There was a key point where I was so furious at the movie creators I was ready to leave or cry! I knew deep down it couldn't be, but I instead kept telling myself it's just a vision despite the nausea that had assailed me. In the end, the good prevailed and all was well. Just like a fairy tell ending to the Christina Perri's "A Thousand Years" which I'd ironically felt would be a fabulous Twilight song as soon as I heard it.

After the movie, we returned to Wal-mart (across the road so no worries on wasting gas and polluting the environment people!) to obtain our cold items since it was still above freezing outside. We left for home, put the kids to bed and he had to leave for Tompkinsville to stock Nestle at that location too. It was a bummer to endure his sudden absence after our time together, but that extra income is beneficial due to debt acquired during his layoff last year and can't be helped. Once he returned, we spent some more time together before finally falling asleep...

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