Review of Lysol® Power & Free™

For the purpose of this review, I was provided a FREE 22 oz. bottle of Lysol® Power & Free™ Multi-Purpose Cleaner, a FREE 35-count container of Lysol® Power & Free™ Multi-Purpose Cleaning Wipes and Coupons to pass along to other folks with families. As a health conscious parent, I was eager to test out the effectiveness and claims of the product. Nearly our entire household is plagued by allergies. As a result, there is rarely anything scented and cleaning becomes an issue when cleaning vinegar tends to be the product of choice. Very few people like the house smelling like ketchup! Thankfully, the odor doesn't last, but vinegar just doesn't 'feel' like it's got the same power for scrubbing - like more elbow work is required. So or course I was eager to test out the product.

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Lysol® Power & Free™

  • Uses hydrogen peroxide to release thousands of micro-bubbles that penetrate and dissolve tough stains*
  • Requires no gloves, masks or protective eyewear (you don’t even have to open the windows to clean!)
  • Kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria**

*Delivers more cleaning power than bleach on tough grease and soap scum.**When used as directed.

This line of products has a unique ingredient for cleansing that doesn't have the harshness or offensive fumes that is common with bleach. There is a wide variety of available options:

Lysol® Power & Free™ Multi-Purpose Cleaner

  • Great for cleaning many household areas, including surfaces in the kitchen and bathroom
  • Powerful cleaning without the harshness of bleach
  • Available in two fresh scents: Citrus Sparkle Zest and Oxygen Splash
  • Starts at a suggested retail price of $1.97 or $2.77, depending on the size

NEW! Lysol® Power & Free™ Multi-Purpose Cleaning Wipes

  • Great for quick clean ups and disinfection of all kinds of kitchen and bathroom surfaces like counters, sinks, and more
  • Does not leave a harsh chemical residue
  • Starts at a suggested retail price of $2.47

Lysol® Power & Free™ Bathroom Cleaner

  • Cuts through stubborn stains like soap scum in tubs and on shower doors
  • Leaves a fresh, clean scent
  • Starts at a suggested retail price of $2.97

Lysol® Power & Free™ Toilet Bowl Cleaner

  • Cuts through toilet grime and even tough stains like rust and limescale
  • Does not contain bleach and does not leave a harsh chemical residue
  • Starts at a suggested retail price of $1.97

Lysol® Power & Free™ Toilet & Bathroom Wipes

  • Great on a variety of surfaces, including: sinks, bathtubs, toilet seats, shower doors, and bathroom fixtures
  • Leaves a fresh, clean scent
  • Starts at a suggested retail price of $2.47

First, I tested out the wipes. I found that they were thin and dried quickly, but were ideal for quick touch-ups and sanitation. They streaked on glass or stainless, but were great for the rest of the common surfaces in our kitchen and bathroom as described on the label. I found the smell of Oxygen Splash to be too strong and it bothered my allergies. My Husband also tried the wipes and loved the convenience, but the smell was overpowering. So much for encouraging help cleaning!

Secondly, I tested out the spray. I found the spray to be more effective than the wipes and the odor was actually pleasant. I've used it many times and will most likely continue to purchase it after I run out. The spray tackled everything from the grease on my stove-top to the grime and random dirty surfaces. Overall, I really enjoyed both products. They cleaned much easier than I'd expected considering their choice of peroxide. I would like to see an unscented version, but for now the citrus smell of Citrus Sparkle Zest was the one that I enjoyed without any issues with my allergies. There was thankfully no need to hold my breath and run from the area or take breaks in cleaning! My only concern is whether or not this product would be effective with mold as I didn't have any to try it on. I also wonder about the safety of our pets regarding whether or not surfaces should be rinsed. There was also a slight odor residue on my hands, so definitely wash them! You should with all cleaning anyway.

Final verdict: product recommended!