Review of Magic Jinn

Quick! Think of an animal, any animal...something common like a cat or unique as a hummingbird. Do you think a child's toy could guess your animal? Magic Jinn will ask you to answer a series of questions with either: YES, NO, I DON’T KNOW or IT DEPENDS, and 'magically' it will know the animal that you had been thinking of. Which is most fun? To think of an animal and see if Magic Jinn can truly guess OR is it more entertaining to attempt to stump Magic Jinn? Not only will children (and adults!) have fun playing guessing games with Magic Jinn, but users will exercise listening, patience and logic skills while expanding their knowledge of the animal kingdom. Magic Jinn knows over 400 animals!

You can find Magic Jinn online or locally by searching your zip code on the Hasbro website. For ages 6+ and requires 3x AAA batteries. Media: video demonstration | commercial

Magic Jinn retails for approximately $19.99, but I found online for $17.

My latest BzzKit was a Magic Jinn toy by Hasbro with a few $5 off coupons to share. It arrived safely strapped inside a colorful box. Once I removed the toy, my children were eager to try it. Magic Jinn didn't include batteries. Since my environmentally conscious family prefers rechargeable batteries, my kids had to wait a bit for me to charge some since we rarely use AAA and all we had on hand were weak. Once Magic Jinn was ready for action, I tested him out first. 

Visually, he's cute in a unisex toy sort of way. He's made entirely of hard plastic. The battery port is covered by a door with a screw which is much safer than the commonly used tab doors. His eyes are large and almost 'alien-bred-with-a-cat' like. I was surprised to see that they light up, but liked that part of the toy. The on and off switch is his nose which can be easily triggered in a purse or diaper bag which would be comically embarrassing. As for his voice, it's very strange - like a vaguely familiar accent. I've still yet to determine if I actually like his voice or not. I don't like that you can't adjust the volume as I find him a bit loud in a quiet room which is what is best for him to better understand the voice of the user. Once I finished looking him over, I played a few rounds. I found that he often had trouble understanding what I said. I'm not a fan of repeating myself. I found that as a hyper ADHD adult, I didn't really have the attention span to wait for him to guess. So, I had some friends over and asked them to test out Magic Jinn. They thought it was cute and creepy and also had issues with repeating answers. We took turns and he did actually guess the animal (a fox) that my friend had been thinking of. We were surprised. 

Then it was time to turn Magic Jinn over to my children (6yrs and 4yrs). Both were going crazy trying to talk to him which overwhelmed the capabilities to 'understand' what is being said. Taking turns wasn't going well at all. Eventually, my son had shown boredom because he was still a bit young to understand the concept of a guessing game. He's also quite hyper and won't stay still long enough to play. My daughter however was very understanding of the concept and for days was having conversations with Magic Jinn.

This review is by my 6yr old daughter: "

Magic Jinn always say things and he tries to guess my animals and he guess what animal and say yes or no and it depends. He guessed my animals and I felt weird. Yes I liked Magic Jinn cause he is fun. Blue with orange striped, but I wanted purple. With blue stripes. I like his eyes. It glows white and I love Magic Jinn. I play with him all the time. I wish my brother same height like me so he could play with Magic Jinn."

My daughter really enjoyed playing with Magic Jinn and currently keeps him in her room. She uses the lights from his eyes as a sleep aide where she is still not a fan of the dark. They're not too bright and have just the right amount of glow for her to feel safe and still get sleepy. I had thought she'd get bored with him, but sofar she hasn't.

 Overall, I think the toy is a great idea for something mobile if your child has the attention span to endure a prolonged guessing game. His voice is loud and the switch easily activated so care should be taken regarding where he is utilized as a distraction or peace-keeper.

 Final verdict: Product recommended!