My Bucket List - A Work in Progress

In everyone's life, there is some spectacular wish for a seemingly unattainable goal or future. In my life there have been many things that have touched my soul and inspired me with hope and tortured me with dreams of awaiting a future with no real certainty. The future is coming, that is a fact. Whether or not 'dreams' come true is something that must be examined before believing that you are finally where you want to be. There is nothing wrong with dreaming, for by dreaming we can find reality!

After watching the movie The Bucket List, one is inspired to consider those dreams and last-chance goals. Just as with the movie, here is my list which I will be updating as ideas come to me. Feel free to check the post again in the future or even better, suggest a few of your bucket list ideas to be added to mine!

These items are in no particular order and I know, not all are possible.

Amber Flower's Bucket List

  • Live past 100...see all the technological advances
  • See the world...all the major wonders and more
  • Be on an Archeological or Paleontological dig
  • Be adorned in real henna tattoos
  • Visit India. Have makeover like Indian woman.
  • Get a real tattoo (been too picky searching for artist)
  • Own a Chevrolet Camaro ('69 or '2011)
  • See Auroras in person and photograph
  • Buy Widow's Peak @ Louisville skyline
  • Buy Powder Mills waterfall.
  • Buy Memaw a walk in tub
  • Buy land/barn/woods (12 acres) around our house - TOO LATE, someone bought it and destroyed the woods...
  • Ride a horse/own horses
  • Raise alpacas/grow orchard (if ever buy land!)
  • Sing on stage/be an actress
  • Finish editing and sharing all photos on computer
  • See a volcano in person. Photograph it!
  • Hawaii!!
  • Finally go to College and be a Geologist
  • Work for newspaper or TV
  • Watch my kids grow up
  • Sing duet with Amy Lee of Evanescence
  • Live in California on where can visit ocean or woods within short drive daily. Always warm and fun with endless possibilities! Open-minded and eccentric artsy people like me...would feel like home! :)
  • Ride a motorcycle; maybe own one too.
  • Save and restore vintage cars and do work myself. I miss working on cars with my Uncle...sometimes moving is a bummer.
  • Work hard and have enough money to be comfortable and able to provide for kids
  • raise awareness on Autism and other 'silent' diseases
  • Be rich enough to help those who deserve help such as charities, animal rescue and special needs programs. I want to be able to afford to help people, not just sit around and wish I could. I volunteer, but I want to do more!
  • Fly in an airplane and also helicopter...maybe even pilot one!
  • Be more social and less 'what if' about life
  • Get back into shape...all muscle, no fat! Like in high-school, but stronger!
  • Continue to eat healthy...Gluten-Free, low fat, fried food and very little 'man-made' foods!
  • Afford the faster computer (Mac 27'') to give me more time with my family thanks for faster editing (my PC computer is soooo slow!)
  • Better resolution camera (5D Mark II with L Lenses) to create the work I see in my head! COMPLETED!!! YAY! 5D Mark III + lenses.
  • Complete an Iron-man course or similar
  • See and purchase/restore Chateau de Noisy — Celles, Belgium. (Photo link: 1, 2,3,)
  • Build an old caste with hidden rooms, spiral staircase, gothic arches and similar architecture like historic castles. Alot of inspiration from above bucket list item.
  • Naica Mine/Cave Of Crystals (Mexico)
  • Mina Rica (Spain)
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